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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
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knock on would


In the mind mess of upcoming loss of one neckbone, car being hit in side, and MandyCat dying, I forgot to post my December 23rd feature in Medusa’s Kitchen – check out 9 poems, 9 fotos, and 1 fine unChristmas song at

More poems coming because Mary E. Weems, Wendy Shaffer, Celeste McCarty, Lady K, Adam Brodsky, and myself are writing a poem-a-day through Januweary.


Knock on Would

I want one thousand furry cat tails
swishing happy against my skin
as I’m soothed with the rumble
of one thousand purrs
and held captive as I gaze
into two thousand eyes
green grey orange snake
weighing me for friend or snack

– Smith, 1.2.2017


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