Was hoping I’d get rid of my hard collar after seeing the doctor this week… I figured two-weeks were enough, but doc says four more.

So I’ll get more pain meds and somehow get through another month.

I do not do well trapped, encumbered, caged, bound.


Status Report 249

Got a two-track brain train
a-run-a-way going

One track ways whoa,
are we ever weak, breakable

Second says so?
broke before, can fix again

– Smith, 1.27.2017


Cheney Bushbeast

Ya gotta love a man
who’ll shoot his rich friend
in the face with a shotgun
after one too many alcohols
then not report it to the police
until after he’s sobered up.

We paid for his heart.
He’s not using it.
We need to repossess.

– Smith, 1.27.2017


Politics 101

Yes we have no problems
we have no problems today
since that slush fund stuff
is more than enough
to buy our final say
we’ll continue to gamble
and amble in ample gambols
because we know a man
who’ll pay a man
to sway our yea or nay
though we stink of the sin
of shrink wrap within
and run from our women’s dismay
but hey
that’s okay
as long as pay continues the play
and belief in relief
enslaves what’s beneath
we’ll have no problems today

– Smith, 1.27.2017


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  1. Mr Smith, sorry to hear about the additional weeks but probably best, slow and easy wins the race especially as we age…your poems always make me laugh in surprise, your twists and turns reveal something I did not expect looming up ahead.

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