Month: February 2017

  • blue sky bleached

    On Learning Wife has Eye Cancer Brown trees barren Blue sky bleached Wasteland terrain Gasp in breach From afar From afar From afar I am You are – Smith, 2.28.2017

  • pixie-cut Lady w/ cancer eye

    Lady cut her hair pixie short yesterday, it had hung below her shoulders. She did it to break the mental/emotional gloom brought on by discovering two days ago she had eye cancer, and that in 15 days the doctors are going to sew a radioactive pellet to her eyeball for three days to kill the […]

  • sermon of the mote

    Lady K has a medium sized cancerous melanoma in her left eye. In 17 days, they’re going to sew a small radioactive pellet into her eye, keep her in the hospital for 3 days, then remove it. This could solve the problem. Only two options with this cancer is radiation or removal of eye, and […]

  • the in-sight joke

    Conversation with Wife 33 On possible cancer in her eye, she sez: Well, this is going to be interesting. I have a tumor in my eyeball! If they have to treat my eye with enucleation, I want a cat’s eye prosthesis! What did the clavicle say to the breast bone? ‘What’s necks?’ Why did the […]

  • ildi’/kl

    Sisyphus Strewn So quick the curve of day to night and day through dreams return Tea cups at table then sit at table still Spoons and forks and knives of course space the empty plates Toast to yore and gone before ghost of what comes next Napkins fold in honor old front the unset seats […]

  • edamame ain’t got no daddy

    Poet artist musician curator Shawn Mishak wrote a bone recovery poem for my neckbone surgery. Poem for dem Bones (for Steven Smith) Rebel poet, regarded lover Teen pranks lead to vast inequities Child boy sacrifices mother Learns how to properly extract sliver Art crime felonies Scream under a cinder block Cracks until two and no […]

  • suspendered animation

    Grown Moan I’m but a slow flow in the slo-mo lane of suspendered animation Later’s further down the road while now’s now and wants a bone This moan groan land grand in design uses money and cross to grease a good time Tired of The Man’s dick drip drool his endless feces floating atop fool […]

  • the dead are just dessert

    Philosophy 139 Life eats the living the dead are just dessert – Smith, 2.5.2017

  • patter rain fall from thunder sky

    Status Report 250 Patter rain fall from thunder sky in whoosh of wind and lightning fly wakes me from sleep to re-walk why of new day scheme with old way lie as we slink into our slot to work this reworn plot – Smith, 2.4.20177