Month: March 2017

  • as if answers exist

    Status Report 253 Walking on egg shells in quicksand covering void over nothing. My companion faces equation but I have no numbers and cannot do the math. Our quest lies in questions that do not know answers. As if answers exist. I love and am loved yet may lose though I’ve gained. – Smith, 3.21.2017

  • begged and borrowed ground

    Status Report 252 I may flower, I may not flower – depends on nature and nurture. Sorrow rises, sorrow falls Happy comes and goes. Round goes round through square peg holes in begged and borrowed ground. – Smith, 3.20.2017

  • bone strides earth

    Philosophy 140 Meat rides bone. Spirit rides meat. Bone strides earth. When it’s pain “It will pass.” When there’s joy “This is now.” – Smith, 3.17.2017

  • soiled linen

    In the Crapper Sittin’ thinkin’ the bathroom stinkin’ almost as bad as the Trump White House – Smith, 3.12.2017

  • Sad… bigly bigly sad

    Trump on a stick This sculpture by Tim Joyce looks a bit like Trump… of course the face would have to be fatter, the hair faker, the eyes beadier, the skin more fake orange if you wanted better verisimilitude. Chief Small Hands Man Tried to sell these honorifics to Little Donnie Chump, but no go: […]

  • Lady K eye tumor update as positive as possible

    Lady K had a cat scan today to see if her eye cancer had spread. It tends to spread to and from the liver and lungs. Her liver is clean, and they found a couple small spots in her lungs which they say are probably benign and nothing to worry about, but which they will […]