flit float down dance

Top Shelf

Third floor window
dim in
bright out.

Big bumblebee flies clumsily across
as two leaves flit float down in dance
the bumblebee stumbling back
while a third slow falling leaf
lingers in light.

Here inside is pre-cricket quiet
there outside the water rush
of wind and traffic
with the babble of the birds
seeding at feeder.

Black cat quivers
crouched on inner sill
wanting bumblebee,
the birds below.

– Smith, 5.17.2017

Our 3rd year beekeeping – lost 3 hives and 4 queens, now on our 4th hive with 5th queen.

Hive 1 gave us 120 pounds of honey, then died the first week in February from Nosema aka bee diarrhea.

Hive 2 purchased from a bee supplier, had a bad queen who laid erratically, and the workers killed her.

We bought a new queen without researching the correct procedure, and the hive killed her too.

We bought a replacement swarm late in the season, got maybe 4 pounds of honey, and the hive died the last week of February.

Last Wednesday we got a free replacement swarm with a new $35 queen, so here we go again.

flat circle, cosmic turtle

All Knowing

A little old lady
claims the world is a flat circle
balanced on the back of a cosmic turtle
and that turtle
rests on the back of another turtle
and it’s turtles all the way down.

We know better.
We know there was that nothing
which exploded in big bang
leaving this something.

And our something
that came from nothing
is expanding
into the something that wasn’t
before this something was.

Turtle  Nothing
big bad boom Great Tortoise
Turtle Something.

And into this turtle nothing
the turtle god
gave its turtle son turtle death
and turtle rising
saving the turtle egged
from designer defect.

The old lady was right
it’s turtles all the way down.

– Smith, 5.12.2017

bird rabbit snake bird bee cat

Nature v Nature

In Washington D.C.
saw a small dead baby bird body
disappear overnight
eaten by the unknown

In Maryland
a rabbit biting a snake’s tail
kept pulling it off the road
back into the dirt
for lunch

Pennsylvania produced
a small bird that dart bombed
a much larger hawk David to Goliath
until it fled its fury

Back home in Cleveland
black bee buzzin’
intensely watched by black cat
crouched quivering on sill
in third floor shadow
the window opening
onto the soft chartreuse
slant shine of the setting sun
on new spring leaf

– Smith, 5.9.2017

philosophy 146-150

Philosophy 146

Just cuz they been to school
don’t mean they’re educated


Philosophy 147

If you’re not pissed about what’s going on
you’re not paying attention


Philosophy 148

The leaves aren’t leavin’
they’re comin’ soon


Philosophy 149

Sitting on old wood bench
in tiny flower park
in new day sun
the rhododendrons wrapped in red:

life is better for the basics


Philosophy 150

Most of us gotta be poor
so the rich can be rich

We gotta pay taxes
so they can cheat

We need be good
so they can be bad

We can’t be them
cuz they need us to be had

– Smith, 5.8.2017

philosophies 143, 144, 145

Philosophy 143

Dawn is the daughter
day the drone
what comes after
is ours alone


Philosophy 144

Body wants me in chair
Bladder wants me in bathroom


Philosophy 145

I am my own statue
upon which I shit

– Smith, 5.6.2017

rabbit biting snake tail

Climate March 2017, Washington, D.C.

Tolls for Thee

Driving back roads to avoid tolls
I see a snake trying to escape
across the highway
from a rabbit biting its tail
and pulling it back into the dirt
for lunch

All roads are toll roads

– Smith, 5.5.2017

We drove to D.C. last Friday to march with 200,000 other folk in the 2017 Climate March. I got to meet more of Lady’s family and protest the kleptocrats in power.

Climate March 2017, Washington, D.C.

climate (changed) march Washington D.C 2017

Status Report 255

Get up in morning
crawl out of hole
between ache of wake
and shriek of weak
to take up pole
and lever new day toll
for yesterday’s awning


Politics 102

What’s lower than a politician’s morals?
You don’t know?
Neither do I.

As for our unPresident
I don’t think Little Donnie Chump’s cables
are connected correctly.

There’s utopia, dystopia, and dat topia.

Mistakes from the past
float through the glass
and bad dance.

– Smith, 5.2.2017

something fed in the night aka Medusa’s Kitchen put up 9 of my poems, 9 fotos, and 1 song of and for Lady K.

Kathy Kieth, publisher/editor, ended my feature last Friday with:

About today’s post, Steven says: “While I was recovering from neck surgery, my wife Kathy discovered she had a rare type of eye cancer. She started off with a 30-50% chance of survival if it had spread from the eye.

“They put her in the hospital, partially removed her eye, sewed a radioactive plaque to it, radiated her for three days, then took a biopsy sample. Doctor says there’s a 95-97% chance the tumor will shrink from the radiation, and the biopsy says there’s only a 2% chance of it spreading. Plus the CAT scan says it probably has NOT spread yet. So the prognosis is as good as it could possibly be under these circumstances.

“So, these are for Lady K: poems from 2005-2017 for and fotos of Lady K aka Kathy Smith— friend, companion, collaborator, wife.”

Thanks, Steven! And please give our best to Lady K.


Check out Medusa’s Kitchen — New post every day showcasing a plethora of poets and imagists for your perusal.


Re: Cycle

Yesterday on the ground
atop a large flat rock
the small featherless corpse of a baby bird.

Today it’s gone.

Something fed in the night.

– Smith, 5.1.2017