Month: May 2017

  • flit float down dance

    Top Shelf Third floor window dim in bright out. Big bumblebee flies clumsily across as two leaves flit float down in dance the bumblebee stumbling back while a third slow falling leaf lingers in light. Here inside is pre-cricket quiet there outside the water rush of wind and traffic with the babble of the birds […]

  • flat circle, cosmic turtle

    All Knowing A little old lady claims the world is a flat circle balanced on the back of a cosmic turtle and that turtle rests on the back of another turtle and it’s turtles all the way down. We know better. We know there was that nothing which exploded in big bang leaving this something. And […]

  • bird rabbit snake bird bee cat

    Nature v Nature In Washington D.C. saw a small dead baby bird body disappear overnight eaten by the unknown In Maryland a rabbit biting a snake’s tail kept pulling it off the road back into the dirt for lunch Pennsylvania produced a small bird that dart bombed a much larger hawk David to Goliath until […]

  • philosophy 146-150

    Philosophy 146 Just cuz they been to school don’t mean they’re educated ~ Philosophy 147 If you’re not pissed about what’s going on you’re not paying attention ~ Philosophy 148 The leaves aren’t leavin’ they’re comin’ soon ~ Philosophy 149 Sitting on old wood bench in tiny flower park in new day sun the rhododendrons wrapped […]

  • philosophies 143, 144, 145

    Philosophy 143 Dawn is the daughter day the drone what comes after is ours alone ~ Philosophy 144 Body wants me in chair Bladder wants me in bathroom ~ Philosophy 145 I am my own statue upon which I shit – Smith, 5.6.2017

  • rabbit biting snake tail

    Climate March 2017, Washington, D.C. Tolls for Thee Driving back roads to avoid tolls I see a snake trying to escape across the highway from a rabbit biting its tail and pulling it back into the dirt for lunch All roads are toll roads – Smith, 5.5.2017 We drove to D.C. last Friday to march […]

  • climate (changed) march Washington D.C 2017

    Status Report 255 Get up in morning crawl out of hole between ache of wake and shriek of weak to take up pole and lever new day toll for yesterday’s awning ~ Politics 102 What’s lower than a politician’s morals? You don’t know? Neither do I. As for our unPresident I don’t think Little Donnie […]

  • something fed in the night aka Medusa’s Kitchen put up 9 of my poems, 9 fotos, and 1 song of and for Lady K. Kathy Kieth, publisher/editor, ended my feature last Friday with: About today’s post, Steven says: “While I was recovering from neck surgery, my wife Kathy discovered she had a rare type of eye cancer. She started […]