AD. aka Medusa’s Kitchen put up 9 of my poems, 9 fotos, and 1 song of and for Lady K.

Kathy Kieth, publisher/editor, ended my feature last Friday with:

About today’s post, Steven says: “While I was recovering from neck surgery, my wife Kathy discovered she had a rare type of eye cancer. She started off with a 30-50% chance of survival if it had spread from the eye.

“They put her in the hospital, partially removed her eye, sewed a radioactive plaque to it, radiated her for three days, then took a biopsy sample. Doctor says there’s a 95-97% chance the tumor will shrink from the radiation, and the biopsy says there’s only a 2% chance of it spreading. Plus the CAT scan says it probably has NOT spread yet. So the prognosis is as good as it could possibly be under these circumstances.

“So, these are for Lady K: poems from 2005-2017 for and fotos of Lady K aka Kathy Smith— friend, companion, collaborator, wife.”

Thanks, Steven! And please give our best to Lady K.


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Re: Cycle

Yesterday on the ground
atop a large flat rock
the small featherless corpse of a baby bird.

Today it’s gone.

Something fed in the night.

– Smith, 5.1.2017

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