Minnesota, North Dakota, Kentucky, Connecticut, and Generic


Plopped five quarters into the machine,
one each from Minnesota, North Dakota,
Kentucky, Connecticut, and Generic
and my clothes dried right fine.

Why can’t we all work this well together?

– Smith, 6.27.2017

My right shoulder is almost gone. Teaching my left arm to do more. Pain’s getting a bit much but will try to put off shoulder replacement until January 2018 because I’ll be needed this fall for honey harvest.

So far I’ve replaced right hip, left shoulder, and put two metal rods in my neck past 6 years. My left kneecap broke 18 months ago and did not heal – bound itself together with soft tissue instead of bones melding, so that may have to be replaced down the line… but that should do it.

Glad I can be repaired, but tired of being repaired

looks like our bees are back in buzzness

Looks like our bees are back in buzzness.

The queen we got with our replacement swarm was not laying well, so the workers took one of her fertilized eggs and turned it into a new queen and killed the old queen. New queen is laying fine, but not in time for spring honey, but we should get fall honey.

Our first year we got 120 pounds of honey, then lost the hive to diarrhea in February.

Our second year we had a bad queen, lost hive, bought a swarm to replace it but got no honey, then the bees disappeared in late February, so we got a new swarm to try again this our third year.


The Pome Police

The Rulers rant and rend sackcloth
in claim poem ain’t if rhyme is lost

They measure leg and foot and girth
yet meaning lags in lack of worth

But that’s okay there’s room for all
in light of say and dark of gall

Respect their way which sometimes pays
just glad they want to play

– Smith, 6.25.2017


The Pome Police 2

Poem ain’t the words forced to fit
but rather worth that shines from it.

– Smith, 6.26.2017


Yesterday was good for creativity – Medusa’s Kitchen featured my poems, fotos, and a song, and the latest Crisis Chronicles Press publication arrived with my cover foto.

Class War

There’s the cashew halves
and the cashew have-nots

– Smith, 6.23.2017



Lonely OPEN sign blinking
in warm unwelcome
long past closing time
in deserted dark
even the flies asleep
as spiders walk their empty webs
in search of jerk and quiver

– Smith, 6.24.2017

my lord of the flies moment

Helmeted Guineafowl


we moved from the country to the city
and an older boy showed me how to steal
from unlocked autos
I taught him to take the whole car
if they’d left the keys

we stole 13
me 14 he 18

one day
we snuck down bank of Spokane River
and slipped in the back of Nat Amusement Park
which was closed for the season
and roamed the dead rides
I took a brass ring from the carousel
and we slow walked the roller coaster tracks
from end to beginning
standing King Kong tall on its highest hill

finally from the small zoo
we stole a Helmeted Guineafowl
an African bird
nigh two foot high
2 1/5 pounds
black and white speckled feathers
tufted colored head

we carried it up river
hunkered down beneath an abandoned bridge
built a fire
cooked and ate it half raw
hot juices running down our chins

my lord of the flies moment

45 years later
I tell this story to my future wife
a kind and gentle sweet creature
and she is enthralled

must be something basic in blood

– Smith, 6.22.2017

sad-eyed Sufiman

Bottom Line

My net worth? – Zero.
My fame? – Zero.
My life story? – Priceless.

– Smith, 6.20.2017


Our sad-eyed Sufiman writes of rain
a night boat on the river
1,000 bright moments
intimate awnings
4 a.m. birds
love won
love lost
then blushes when we applaud

– Smith, 6.21.2017

feathered flesh that never will arrive

The Thing of Pain

Wake from 180 degree pain
rise to 90 degree pain

Pain’s the thing

Don’t use that arm
it don’t work

One thing I know:

Wake to ache

Smith, 6.18.2017


Now No Later

Black cat crouches
in tense quiver
body shifting tensions
watching darting birds
outside screen
which keeps her in
and them out
her nerves anticipating feathered flesh
that never will arrive

– Smith, 6.19.2017

Slo-Mo Out of Control or Life as We All Know It

Slo-Mo Out of Control
or Life as We All Know It

Like entropy
I’m less than zero sum
exiled, yet existing
as reality’s Fool
its Joker in the deck
the corn in the last row unready to hoe
or whore for more
so thanks for the Ear n Eye show
time to mine this mind of mine
mime the membrane moan
raise Phoenix ash of old
lurch from perch to perch
in search of earth with better berth
in which to sit and scratch my itch
while drinking coffee on a porch
making music to support
parch of splurge and scourge of starch
raising torch to urge surcharge
to sort the scorch of living large
and arc twixt verge and merge.

Smith, 6.17.2017

100 Feet High 60 Years Ago

view from top of my Ponderosa Pine tree 1960 – foto me

100 Feet High & 60 Years Ago

Leaning back in my easy chair
looking out our third floor window
into the gold and green
upper canopy of the Sycamore tree
slow dancing in the easy breeze
of Cleveland’s late spring setting sun
I fall back 60 years
2129 miles and 8 states
to 11 year me
at the top of a 100 foot Ponderosa Pine
leaning back in my rope seat
slow swaying in the wind
atop the tallest tree
on the highest point
of the biggest hill
of our 40 acre farm on Paradise Prairie
9 miles southeast of Spokane
me too high for folk to bug me
looking down on our two story farm house
out over three forests
wheat fields
apple trees
closest house 3 roads and 4 miles away
the dirt road empty
the too hot day cool breeze up here
my music the wind and faint lowing of cow
I milked every morning
I knew then
and I know now
I. was. happy.

Smith, 6.16.2017

tallest tree left half of foto my tree – foto Steve Reynolds

Marzipan Needs Women

Marzipan Needs Women

Back in my day we drank like fish
then we got in the car and drove like fish.

My foot is not a foot
it’s only 10 inches.
How can I have two feet
when I’m 4 inches short?

We have a fowl relationship
she keeps calling me a silly goose.

Live in the city
but need more exercise
so moving to the standy.

We buy cage-free eggs
then lock them in small containers.

I’m serious, Dog Star Sirius.

You know what ghosts seek when things go bad?

There’s pee and there’s poo
put em together
you get people.

Knickknack paddywack now the Whack has won.
“We’ll C,” said A to B.

I been advised
to go to Placidville
and do placebos.

You shouldn’t lend stuff
cuz then it’s Lent and you go without.

Look Ma nobody home

I used to catch prerogatives in the pond
and feed them to the mistakes.

Flux em all, then flush.

– Smith, 6.14.2017


Conversation with Wife 34

“Aren’t we all one?”
I’m more number two.
“You mean you’re shit?”
Yes, the big shit.
“Aren’t we all.”

“I don’t know.”
We don’t need no, we invest in yes.

“What’s a term for masturbation?”
Beats me.
“Hands solo.”

Smith, 6.15.2017

how do genes know how to dream the unsown seed

Magic Beans

How do genes know how to dream
the unsown seed?

How to lead unknown need
to shaft and shape and shade
make this red
abrade that black
fade from bone to shale?

And just how did Jonah circumvent
the belly of the whale?

– Smith, 6.13.2017