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looks like our bees are back in buzzness

Looks like our bees are back in buzzness.

The queen we got with our replacement swarm was not laying well, so the workers took one of her fertilized eggs and turned it into a new queen and killed the old queen. New queen is laying fine, but not in time for spring honey, but we should get fall honey.

Our first year we got 120 pounds of honey, then lost the hive to diarrhea in February.

Our second year we had a bad queen, lost hive, bought a swarm to replace it but got no honey, then the bees disappeared in late February, so we got a new swarm to try again this our third year.


The Pome Police

The Rulers rant and rend sackcloth
in claim poem ain’t if rhyme is lost

They measure leg and foot and girth
yet meaning lags in lack of worth

But that’s okay there’s room for all
in light of say and dark of gall

Respect their way which sometimes pays
just glad they want to play

– Smith, 6.25.2017


The Pome Police 2

Poem ain’t the words forced to fit
but rather worth that shines from it.

– Smith, 6.26.2017

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