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word run

In 2006-9 when we lived in 10 countries on three continents for 31 months and we blogged it with fotos, we had a hefty blog readership.

Since we moved back to the U.S., blog traffic has consistently fallen.

Now with me doing little but posting 1 to 7 new poems a week, readership has basically stopped.

Oh the horror of poetry.

Word Run

Word Run ran like rain away
seeking sun of brighter day

Word Run roamed Rome for a week
for better treatment of the meek

Word Run slips before the fall
knowing fair’s unfair for all

Word Run sees rich ain’t right
their moral lack a social blight

Word Run done did right by wrong
which is why I sing this song

Word Run fun we wish for you
to live your life in service too

Word Run rounds square night life
eases darkness with some light

Word Run wants the best of you
to build a fairer truer true

– Smith, 6.8.2017

One Response to “word run”

  1. MadM says:

    Me here. Me read. Me like.

    The only difference between now & then for me is I read thru fb.

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