The Coffee Bin
(18 pocket notes for future poems)

Does one consume the reflections
floating atop one’s cup of black coffee?
If so I’m only drinking
at the Neon Diner from now on
get more buzz per cup

Ching ching ching goes the coffee
slow slow slow goes the will
must coffee clink before brain links

That’s a poor pour
so pour more
more caffeine
pour faster so I’ll walk faster
and won’t fall
gotta go gotta go gotta go
cant stop cant stop
or rat wheel will rust
and we’ll all fall down
like sadsack clowns
limp in limb
laying around
let’s fill my form with vroom
gimme some Zen zoom
caffeinate me over the hill
in mind/body will

3 pm
time to lose or chose
third cup of coffee or no
knowing I’ve no weed
to slow caffeine’s carom

My, my, hot milk and honey chai
stained masala beige
a dance for tongue and caffeinated mind

Thanks for the buzz
Thanks for the love

Coffee, marijuana, cat, and wife
I have a nice life

Caffeine rings my ears
buzzes brain
electric exclaim

Weak cup coffee to pry my weary lids open
this freezing so-called spring morning
with weed running out and money not enough
and wife stressed with boss-lady worries
and the cat wheezing much and vomiting often
and the politicians in a race downhill
to dumber meaner cheaper
and decent folk so amazed not to be
locked away in concentration camps
they keep their head down and fear unsaid

Ahhhh, the first sip of pre-dawn coffee
the first toke of pre-dawn grass

Black pool of night before sun
surrounds as I drink black pool
of coffee in cup

Caffeine in my brain
need in my node

Drinking coffee from Kathy’s cup
it’s another day in Paradise
in the temple of the ample

Brain fuzzy cuzza not enough coffee

The push of coffee, the pull of grass,
the swoosh and soothe all bound
around untight to firmer ground

A black cup of black coffee
raised to my white face

And if you really want to up the ante
try a cup of cowboy Costa Rican pan coffee
Fair Trade of course.

Neon Coffee, please

– Smith, 7.8.2017

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