Month: August 2017

  • philosophies 152-164

    Philosophy 152 You know you are doing something right when the purring gets louder ~ Philosophy 153 Fire, bone music, stories the whence from which we came ~ Philosophy 154 We wake in pain to feathered flesh that never will arrive ~ Philosophy 155 Man is a pile of dirt minus one rib, a sloppy […]

  • Eclipse myths

    solar eclipse Cleveland Ohio August 2017 Medusa’s Kitchen/Rattlesnake Press features 10 fotos, 9 poems, and 1 song of mine. Stop by for a bite if you’ve the time. Went to Cleveland Metropark’s Blue Heron Boardwalk to watch the solar eclipse today from 1:06 to 3:51pm, with max coverage of about 4/5’s of the sun […]

  • hook ‘n line

    hook ‘n line Philosophy 151 There’s could and should and is – Smith, 8.15.2017 philosophy

  • rabbit rabbit bird flower power

    flower power Nay Way Does the Pope poop? Do the powerful pee? Then why should I believe? Why should I obey? Weak walking wait-a-minutes got no right to say my way. The bear in the woods stalks hunger, not belief. The where of the would ignores stomach of need. The way of the world worships […]

  • Cleveland Cleavage

    Cleveland Cleavage Fleshly crease nigh nipple to neck filled with sweet and sweat and scent Jiggle jam compressed along eye line song I long to roam Cleavage is an isn’t impression one nothing created by two tensions A front-fleshed crack to remind of ass smack My wife is my breast friend front and back and […]

  • play is practice kill

    Black Cat At She sees me pick up ball she hides tenses cocks her crouch for chase laserizes eyes. She hears birds outside and hides tenses cocks her crouch for crunch ear eye claw one one. Play is practice kill. – Smith, 8.9.2017

  • conversation with wife #35

    my gal is red hot Conversation with Wife 35 I’m going to bill the webbots to read me. “What, charge them some electrons?” Yeah, I’ll say gimme some valence! “We need sugar, bread, milk.” Wonder what the offspring of sugar bred milk would look like? “I’m addicted to caffeine.” I’m addicted to cowffeine. “It makes […]

  • hunt / play / survival

    Lizard Brain Black cat in black night crouched on sill in shadow half hunt half play all survival – Smith, 8.7.2017

  • life =

    Life = one over end