Month: September 2017

  • take receipt

    Christmas Coming Your ghosts do not own me, nor carry cry of Christmas coming. I will take my lump of coal with pleasure, burn in sin to warm my heart. My step will be my own, I will not walk in borrowed shoes. But I respect your walk of way, though not your push of […]

  • ennui

    Been in a bit of a funk due to health, finances, a general existential ennui – haven’t even posted my new poems. The health is Lady’s battle with eye cancer (successful it seems) and my right shoulder replacement in 11 days. Already have a metal hip, a metal left shoulder, two metal rods in my […]

  • cat vac

    We drove 3 hours south for two nights in a cottage in the woods and took our 4 year old velvet black cat Misha,,, it was her first long car ride and stay-away. She loved it. Here is Lady’s description of our jaunt. Lake Hope We opened the door to unwrap the cabin with its […]

  • unseen scene

    Trinity Most folk laugh at children playing with their invisible friends. Many folk electroshock the insane for talking to invisible friends. Yet some of these same folk go to church to pay to pray to their invisible friend. Three undone by one. – Smith, 9.19.2017

  • all is never there

    Philosophy 166 Half is what you make it. All is never there. – Smith, 9.15.2017

  • from the labia to the grave

    Bone Mats I’ve been decertified, does that make me maamified?. From the labia to the grave. Back when I was a celery, I got a salary for stalking. Sausage – sawing a wise man in half. The Dandelion crayon color has been discontinued. Not surprised, I made dandelion wine out of them and it didn’t […]

  • There’s far, there’s here, there’s what’s in-between

    Philosophy 165 There’s far, there’s here, there’s what’s in-between. Far is sky, clouds, horizon, dirt, trees, sun, moon, stars, wind, ornamental grasses, big ideas, small gifts of affection, sacred lies like good and right. Here is our corner of cat and Smith & Lady life, an oasis from the dark twixt. In-between lies fire and […]

  • 4 small Smith pieces 1996-2015

    Plot to Get Whitey, 1996, 9 x 11, Smith Afterthought, 1996, 6 x 5, Smith Limbic Rock, 2000, 9 x 12, Smith Off Grid, 2015, 5.5 x 7.5, Smith

  • conversation with wife #36

    conversation with wife #36

    Conversation with Wife 36 Wilcox and I are talking of the rotted undergrowth that’s Washington when Lady lays back says softly, sadly “I try not to look at the floor of the sausage factory.” – Smith, 9.2.2017 1926 American Radiator ad