Month: November 2017


    Hands clasped over bewildered head bent no’ing over the wiped and weathered tableau which bore its fresh risen bread within the brand name of the United States The ten commandments read off a carton of Pall Mall’s, sheriff’s medal is mine; ours immigrants pearling barb wire irritation immured in the intimate knowledge of cowboy stories […]

  • just cuz it is don’t mean it is

    Me Just cuz a field’s been picked don’t mean it’s empty I ain’t got much left to leak getting low on go Losing meek but moving too slow to win end-ribbon treat Just cuz you don’t want to don’t mean you shouldn’t Looking through the recipe book to see how I measure up Either an […]

  • getting from sleep to sleep

    Master Plan 2 I got through today. That’s my long term goal these daze – to get through the day. Used to be fame and fortune. Now it’s getting from sleep to sleep without being a creep to others to earth to me. Somewhat easier sez the unknown poet with the no bank account. – […]

  • in seep of yesterday’s weep

    Ritual Rebirth First stroke – cannabis toke second service – sip of caffeine third – toke fourth – sip again Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Gear engaged cog converging fog of wisp away Now we wait for sun to rise as today’s game begins again in seep of yesterday’s weep – Smith, 11.18.2017

  • frayed strings + long ago and far away + 2 collages

    Frayed Strings The soundtrack without sound in a movie never made The apple of the paring for the pie that wasn’t baked The scratch of itch not coming after sneeze aborts in air The weight of daily drubbing knowing fair is never fair Final stride at end of day which began with one at dawn […]

  • bone hole

    Bone Hole You have a house, its floor may be dirt, wood, tile, concrete, glass, or higher class, and if there are walls they may be solid may be holey your might-be roof or might-not-be roof may work may drip or leak light and there’s too much to do too many knot-wads so you start […]

  • dead daddy Doubt

    Sisyphus at the Psychiatrist So many rocks to rock and roll there’s the rent rock the car rock the food rock the cut and fix the flesh rock the skin color rock the bully rock the cock rock talk rot mock rock race rock and of course the ought not rock so I wake at […]

  • conversaling

    Conversation with Wife 39 Wife comes in looking for scissors and twine. What are you searching for? “I need to truss the bird.” You can’t trust birds, they’re foul. What’s the controversy with Porgy & Bess? “It’s seen as white guy condescendence.” Is that where dew collects on flowers? “No, that’s condensation.” Like a person […]

  • serial solar recycle

    Sisyphus Prime In dark before dawn clutching cup of hot black coffee poised between was and will not quite is licking wounds weighing pain seeing how much grass is left to ease me through the three reals of time before the rock during the rock after the rock and as always the hill the rise […]

  • leap sleep to sleep without the weep of wake

    Status Report 260 Goals? I got goals: Wake, get through day, make it to tomorrow Without too much sorrow to myself, earth, or others. Once walked for fame, worshipped fortune, Now simply thankful I’m not lame or hardened. Though am sad and weary, cynica,l leery, Yearn to leap sleep to sleep without the weep of […]