Month: December 2017

  • mapping mobius

    Mapping Mobius The acute angles aren’t as attractive as they once were Wife and I rise before dawn to head start wend Pain persists but as they say, that’s life We sit in dark and cold with cat trying to remap wen At least the coffee works, first sip hot soothes old cold We know […]

  • 2 leftover tidbits, 1 new tidbyte

    “Mingus Our Magic,” 4.5″ x 5″ x 1.5″ for Lady K., 12.24.2017 Piece in the fotos titled for poem I wrote Lady in our 10th week of relationship. I turned her onto Mingus, Yoko Ono, and Was (Not Was), and she turned me onto Gorillaz. ~ Match Mingus our magic We mingle our meld both […]

  • for MandyCat 2002-16

    Mandy Death by Credit Card Her body old, her weight gone, frame down to bone and fur her love for us still bright, she was done, had had it, cancer, pain. She rubbed unsteady against my ankles, looked up and howled piteously for release. I felt shame because I hadn’t loved her enough to kill […]

  • sacred lies whispered within

    detail of Lady’s new sculpture Status Report 261 So many people in the flow so few in the know they no yes they no good they no hope they no know in slow slide round bend where now becomes then laying low lie so story still floats for eyes scarred by truth sacred lies whispered […]

  • heartshadow

    Sisyphus in the Land of Sorrow No longer waiting for my cream rise to top nor my rock to not unroll cuz that boat will never sail in fact wasn’t even made and its flag don’t fly its tank is empty its tires flat and engine froze no happy after fame and fortune cuz unhappy […]

  • we yearn for soft relief of oftness

    Creatures from the Deep We’re creatures from the deep trying to remember how to get back home. Remember when sun was legend, nothing more than whisper in the dark? Down where sound was mute and muddied and what little light absorbed by stone? From there to here there rides a chasm with no Charon to […]

  • creeps

    Rushin’ Hands and Roamin’ Fingers Dustin Hoffman, Louiis C.K., Clarance Thomas, Bill Cosby, Harvey Winestein, Brett Ratner, Donald Trump, John Conyers, Mark Halperin, Roy Moore, Bill O’Reilly, Robert Scoble, Chris Savino, Lockhart Steele, Gavin Baker, Terry Richardson, John Besh, James Toback, Judge Alex Kozinski, Andy Signore, Russell Simmons, Steven Seagal, Geraldo Rivers, Bill Clinton, George […]

  • The sparrows make love on the sidewalk

    The magic window, our marvelous window, the filigree trees and the brick apartment building across the street– when I look when I’m left with a choice about time I rush it, this big presence like a womb, big cavernous sky… The cavernous sky; it was a love affair with the sky I was languid and […]

  • punbrella

    still life Punbrella Don’t ask for whom the vasectomy tolls, it’s nut for thee. Sometimes it’s acumen, sometimes it’s agoin’. A bird that’s flown 3,000 miles is probably tired and feathered. Bill Cosby, Harvey Winestein, and Donald Trump walked into a bar, and all the females fled. They always talk about miscommunication, but what about […]

  • Skum Lord

    Skum Lord Serving Up Our Country Richard Nixon said it ain’t illegal if the President does it. George Bush admits killing between 110,000 to 460,000 Iraqi civilians, not the 1,200,000 estimated so everything’s ok. Bill Clinton claimed he didn’t have intern sex cuz “is don’t mean is” and besides a blow job’s not sex. During […]