Month: January 2018

  • living room roam

    Here’s a taste of our living room and its 55 pieces of art. This place is messy, but creative. Will show the rest of the rooms over the next few days. 96% of art shown is by Lady K Smith, Mother Dwarf Smith, Cat Smith, and me. The plastic covered doorways are to lower heating […]

  • 3 poems, 2 fotos, no song

    Slipknot Meet me in the meat lane I’ll be lambing up the chops trying to chase the safe and not the not laminating lamentations crying up the crop slipping slide relations in cut of guardian knot never wanted to fuck my mother didn’t want daddy dead actually loved my younger brother before he blew off […]

  • 3 for the road

    ~ Triage They say save those who weep and I reply yes and no… do save those who weep for others, but let the selfweeps go. – Smith, 12.29.2017 ~ No One Is An Island I land. I sea. I air. I in-between. – 12.31.2017 ~ New Year Day One Same earth, same sun, same […]