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daily blog now down to every 2 weeks it seems

Kathy Kieth, publisher/editor of the daily changing 365 poetry/art posts per year that is Medusa’s Kitchen has been generous enough to grant me a monthly feature on her site. Started December 2015, and here is episode 28 – March 2018- 10 fotos, 9 poems, 1 song:

This is my first Medusa’s Kitchen feature that will not be in my upcoming book – all 243 poems they’ve posted from 2015 thru last month will be in Where Never Was Already Is out on John Burroughs’ Crisis Chronichles Press April 1st. The book also contains 29 pieces of art and links to 28 free songs… 5 of the poems are co-written by Ldy K, and 1 of the collages is hers.


Was challenged on Facebook to post an album a day for 10 days:

01 – In C, Terry Riley, 1968
02 – Gris Gris, Dr. John, 1968
03 – Ekstasis, Nicky Skopelitis, 1993
04 – Home of the Brave, Laurie Anderson, 1986
05 – At The Center, Meat Beat Manifesto, 2005
06 – The Best of Blue Note Years 1947-52, Thelonious Monk, 1991
07 – Positive, The Grassy Knoll, 1993
08 – Ice Cream for Crow, Captain Beefheart, 1982
09 – Lady Sings the Blues, Billie Holiday, 1956
10 – Moondog, Moondog, 1956



Happy is
farm 62 years ago
wild grass and flowers
between the wheat and woods
lying on my back
sun on face
eyes closed
buzz of fly
lowing cow
chicken cackle
whick whick of windmill
distant drone of dog bark
and propeller of plane
growl of tractor
people miles away
no there where to be
all here
all now
all me

Safe is
four years old
lying on back in back seat
soft glow of headlights
and dashboard light in night
late 40’s car swaying side to side
motor droning
tires moaning old highway
parents protection in front seat
no fear
no where
no why
no safe since

Now is
CEO crooks
death by cop
rape by priest
thug in White House
customer killing corporations
dying body politic
cancer water
cancer dirt
cancer air
movies music TV
no there
no fair
no fly

– 3.23.2018

~ ~ ~

A Persiflage Anent Chanticleer

A light-hearted talk about roosters
seldom brings light

They bray day
believing it their say

They cluck fuck
until egg laid

They call it capitalism

– 3.24.2018

~ ~ ~


The trouble with roosters,
the smaller they are
the more vicious they become

In the corporate world
it goes both ways

– 3.24.2018

~ ~ ~

Don’t Look Back

There are dark things that live in caves
and real trolls beneath real bridges
that’ll eat you
eat your brother
your sister
your parents
your dog
some of them aren’t even monster monsters
just humans mis-wired or mis-raised
the bad side of Darwin
trash compact
low class low act
it ain’t personal
it’s just you’re food
and they’re hungry
or inadequate
or bored
maybe it’s karma
you’re eaten by what you once ate
so you move up or down the food chain
reborn soft and chewy
or teeth and chomp
and maybe it’s pure chance
you’re here
hungry stomach’s there
juist the way it goes
nothing to worry about
but you might want to get
some good running shoes
rear view mirrors
and say your prayers to the players of fear

– 3.28.2018

~ ~ ~

A String of Pearls

Clean sheets
New made bed
Bathed body –
Joy drops in the sorrow

We weep when a child is born
Make merry when they die
From freedom to prison to freedom they fly

– 3.30.2018

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