Month: April 2018

  • Sparkling Fruit

    Sparkling Fruit Water’s burn quenches mineral thirst frees yearn Fluid husbands two embraces Fire leaves gas, ash sickle’s attainment Water adds to the wetted mass of suckling tree roots Nurtured in mud, woody lotus tall seed dapples taut sparkling fruit ~ Lady

  • 8 April poems

    Writing a poem-a-month through Leah Muellar’s Poetry Feast. She’s giving daily seeds. ~ ~ ~ Mistakes It’s always Miss Takes never Mister Takes or missed aches though mist aches as well as does misgivings from missed takes for vampires never miss stakes while vegans may miss steak in wake ache of gold ring miss/take – […]

  • Cat & Dog

    Cat & Dog Cat was on the feather Showing me where the feather was, dear “Did you catch a cat?” Barely, like one of those quantum particles, snapping my fingers, hard to hold … Our cat knows which one is the prey in our current game I saw a woman play Three Card Monte with […]