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6 unblogged poems April 30-May 9, 2018

unblogged poems from April 30 to May 9, 2018.

~ ~ ~

Leah Mueller’s Memes

She talks of finishing last
but does she mention fights, maturity,
drugs and alcihol?
No mention of parents, health, flying,
second chances, terror –
the terror!
she never ever mentions terror!
(oops, my error)
or cleaning up sleep bad habits politics numbers
I could go on
and will cuz it’s all a game
of mental metal mind
a word game paying my dues
keeping secrets of sex
in my blue suede shoes
betrayal pure fire of caution
forgetting going nowhere
sharing vacation, diets, resurrection,
playing games’ mistake
of ache and cake…
anyway that’s my take.

~ ~ ~

Status Report 265

Get up 5:30
wife feeds cat
I feed fish
we each feed other love and coffee
at 7 I feed the birds
more coffee
noon feed cat
6 feed fish again
before sleep try to write poem
to feed myself

~ ~ ~

Seed Pod Willy Nilly

‘They’ or ‘He/She/It’ gave us earth pod
wrapped in dirt and air and water
soaked in sun
grown in grass
blessed by leaves, trees, flowers
with the instructions
‘Abuse until choose or lose.’

Planets have enough low fruit
for life to flourish
up to a point
then resources run low
temperatures rise
air earth water become toxic
and it’s fish or cut bait
live or die
do right or so long

It’s an IQ test
a morality maze
to see if we’re worthy
know enough
to stop shitting in our nest,
stop pissing upstream,
quit raising fools to king,
bowing to Mammon.

The godz laugh.
‘We got you this far,
now it’s up to you.’

So what do we fracking do?
We swallow the cyanide of capitalism,
bury our head in ‘Me first,’
the me screw me of
‘Fuck you you, I got mine.’

Silly sentiment cuz Earth wins
Earth always wins
just a question if we survive
cuz She simply outwaits our bad
covers our corpses with dirt
composts us
breaks down our concrete with vines
our metal with rust
our arrogance with actuality.

I won’t miss us when we go
for 25% of us are slime
50% wouldn’t be missed
20% mean well and try
and 5% actually contribute.

Be a pretty world when we’re gone
outrageously red sunsets
due poisoned air
and once we’re fertilizer
ssno more jackhammers, jet engines,
clink of coin, gush of oil,
diarrhea of politician and priest
just sigh of wind
swish of wild grass
chirp of bird
purr of beast.

Makes one eager for the end.

~ ~ ~

The Breakdown Boogie

Sitting in dappled sun and shade
breeze and blossom
watching river run round bend
knowing it’s going
but gone unknown

Moment of joy in soup of sorrow

Squeaky axle
squealing down road
highway hell going home

We shape the dead to shoulder living

Less into peer pressure
than pure profit

Is it real, or happy ever after land?

~ ~ ~

Sisyphus Dreams

Waiting for eyes to un-unopen
in dark before sun
dream stuck thick to lid
mind scream why this again
but caffeine will lance these lies
hope and habit handle the rest
as I walk one foot in foot of one
head high humble
foot low slow
pocket empty
moving through misconstrue
till sleep and wake rerun this fool

But someday…
raindrops on roses
sunlight on glass

~ ~ ~

Blues in the Naught

Birds sing in the dark
before the sun they seek rerises.

Everyone is speeding somewhere
lights on, wallets out, minds off.

We worship repetition
become rock, are hill.

Get in starting block
ready, sit, go.

Before and after are lies
it is always now.

Ashes of roses
ghosts of thyme.

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  1. John Stcknry says:

    Damn fine poems.

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