Month: July 2018

  • Hey Joe, where you going with that Smith art in your hand ? ! ?

    Rubicon, 41″ x 41′ Hanging art is an art, and Joe Vecchio done dood it good with his Smith family collection. He and his gal are moving to Las Vegas, so we went over to fotograf my art he hadn’t packed yet. I haven’t seen them in maybe 20 years, and Lady K never has. […]

  • Smith text of last night’s reading

    Text of my reading last night at Visible Voice Books in Tremont (Cleveland, OH) from “Where Never Was Already Is” with co-reader John Burroughs who also published my book. ~ ~ ~ Car repair free pastries free coffee six hundred dollars. ~ ~ ~ Wheel Deal There’s something wrong with this world I mean I […]

  • Friday Night

    A delirium of talk from my head to my heart tight burn hollows of shoulders dog breath, a panicked cat bird in the throat bird in the ear bird in the eyes bird brain Friday night ~ Lady

  • playing catch up with mustard

    Still have 40+ poems lately unblogged. Not that it matters except for my own documentation since few read this blog. Had a lot of readers when we traveled, and a decent number when we returned, but once I got weary and posted mainly poetry instead of narrative, I lost most readers. Poetry ain’t the most […]