Month: April 2019

  • monthly feature #41, April 2019 – 10 fotos 9 poems

    My monthly feature #41 on Medusa’s Kitchen – 1st was December 2015 thanks to poet D.R. Wagner recommending me (he of the late 60’s d.a. levy coterie) Thanks to editor/publisher Kathy Kieth for her generosity – 9 poems, 10 fotos:

  • 9 poems 10 fotos March 2019 Medusa’s Kitchen

    I’m 2 monthly features and a filmed reading behind blog-wise these past 3 months. My raging ego seems to have gone iffy. Doesn’t make much difference anyway  since fame abhors my vacuum and the world’s slowly boiling itself in frog soup. Here is my 40th monthly feature on Medusz’s Kitchen, thanks to editor/publisher Kathy Kieth…9 […]

  • 4 short poems: Reed, White, Smith

    2 short poems by others, 2 by me. ~ ~ ~ A poem by Ishmael Reed (born 1938) Dualism (in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man) i am outside of history. i wish i had some peanuts, it looks hungry there in its cage i am inside of’s hungrier than i thot ~ ~ ~ poem […]

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