Month: September 2019

  • Smith – 9 poems, 10 fotos, Medusa’s Kitchen

    “A big thank-you this morning to Smith from Cleveland (Steven B. Smith) for his musical, mythical land of poetry and his eye-popping visuals. “Cool Cat Copacetic”, for sure!.” – Kathy Kieth, editor/publisher of Medusa’s Kitchen/Rattlesnake Press. 1st foto below waaaay too large to show but I like the distortion… correct sized foto beneath it. […]

  • Smith reading 2019-02-19 at the Art On Madison gallery

    Seven month old fone video of my Art on Madison reading 2.19.2019, with guest appearance by Lady, hosted by John Burroughs. Video volume is inconsistent due to ceiling heater cutting on and off, plus my soft speaking voice, and lack of a microfone – but it gives you a feel for the rhythm of the […]

  • Lost (x 4 x) Found

    Lost lost sorta-lost lost. Cards for Medicare, SSN, debit, and credit. Days pass for some, weeks for others. Weary worried worn and wan. And then found found found found. Last month hospital asked to see my new Medicare card. Wasn’t in my wallet so they said bring it next time. Came home, looked everywhere. Nada. […]

  • face, freely fragmented

    more freely fractured Smith face 1st 2 Lady: foxy Lady above Warhol Lady below

  • old Provost, new Smith

    Took this foto of a chair not there because Jim Lang frequently quoted “A day without Wittgenstein is a day without a chair” going back maybe 25 years. I never knew he was quoting a Terry Provost poem. Interestingly, I shot this outside the Negative Space gallery at our monthly reading while Terry was still […]

  • fluid face fractured fine

    Discovered the LIQUIFY option in the FotoShop filter box. Results remind me of the old 1980’s days of manipulating Polaroids as they developed… you could move elements around with your fingers, draw on them, wrinkle them to produce spider webs, toast freeze or microwave them as they developed, though you had to be quick and […]