Month: March 2020

  • my monthly 10 foto 9 poem Medusa’s Kitchen feature

    my monthly gig, 4 months into my 5th year.

  • sometimes bold is best

    In 1969 I got a job as a chemist testing paint formulas at Glidden Durkee in Baltimore. After I was hired, my boss came up to me and said the US Naval Academy would not release why I’d left without written permission from me. I’d left because they kicked me out after almost 3 years […]

  • Edna’s Employment Agency by Wred Fright

    I wrote a short review of Wred Fright’s new comic novel “Edna’s Employment Agency” cuz he seems like a nice guy. ~ ~ ~ I stopped by Edna’s Employment Agency. Meeting their misfit employees and questionable clientele, I wondered how they all survived, what with the staff spending more time getting through their damaged lives […]

  • mini me’s