Month: April 2020

  • statused Lady

    2 recent Lady statuses on Facebook… her new poem 4.12.2020, and eye status yesterday. ~ ~ ~ I cup you the habit of our automatic mornings your sidling up to me from the murk of 4 a.m. your plump warm lips There’s the essence reconstructed when I’m grounded from the meta meta meta-ing: I feel […]

  • strange fotos, odd poems

    my April 2020 feature on Medusa’s Kitchen… 10 fotos, 9 poems about warm worms, moos per gallon, Sisyphus, living alone, residuals, faux presidents with small hands, cultural skidmarks, Armageddon, and me falling on my butt… plus 10 strange fotos and a Lady collage of ladies… Thanks to editor/publisher Kathy Kieth for this 53 month […]