Month: July 2020

  • sick flux (16 chump Trumps)

    sick flux aka Trump Virus aka pedarest rapist racist liar cheat thief

  • 4 from 1995

    Only wrote 8 poems in 1995, but the final 4 were quite nice 1995.4 — Promise Land 1995.5 — Fertile Lies 1995.8 — Fungu Stew 1995.8 — Lots Overlapping ~ ~ ~ Promise Land Greyhound bound To Tupperware City Light like liquid Zen Wars time, tatters tight As tight asses tie Meat neat man to […]

  • anne sexton – live or die die die die die

    They wouldn’t let me go into the Cole Eye Clinic with Lady for her horrendous traumatic massive eye needle shot today, so I sat on a side street for 2.5 hours with nothing to read but Anne Sexton’s Live or Die (poems 1962-66). Instead of Live or Die it should be titled LET ME DIE […]

  • fresh words, cheap

    4 most recent poems 2020.7.7 – Darwin’s Revenge 2020.7.16 – Plague 2020.7.19 – The Mullbelly Be 2020.7.20 – Meat Beat Darwin’s Revenge Trump’s in trouble cuz you can’t rape the virus you can’t bully the virus you can’t cheat the virus you can’t buy off the virus you can’t lie away the virus so he’s […]

  • last month’s ego

    My 57th monthly feature on Medusa’s Kitchen was posted yesterday, and I haven’t blogged last month’s yet. Gone from blogging daily to 1-3 times per month. Don’t care much anymore… maybe my ego’s not quite as needy. Of course they’re 4,469 posts since July 2006, so it’s not as if it matters. But i’ll be […]