Month: August 2020

  • sstb2:GOD

    Godman Stumbled across one of my found poems… this is an error message that appeared on my computer 16 years ago, back when I was a programmer analyst for hire – have no idea what it means sstb2:GOD Version 31N20512 03:06559 END OF PROGRAM sstb2:HELP GOD USER DEFINED COMMAND FILE: GOD.DPAICMD.SYS RUN GOD/JOLOMIZO.PUB.VESOFT sstb2: God’s […]

  • monthly Medusa in a daily way

    Hearty thanks to Smith (Steven B. Smith) this morning for rocking us forward into another day of craziness! “The sun comes up, the knives come out… [but] we go on.” writes Kathy Kieth, publisher/editor of Medusa’s Kitchen. 1965 – On The State Of The State 1989 – On Your Knees Please 2014 – Meditation 2014 […]

  • lady pages torn from the past

    Lady writes good stuff, but seldom publishes, or crows, or shows folk. Some of these poems are from her 2004 double-sided book from editor Bree and her Green Panda Press (turn it over and it’s 10 poems by Charles Potts), while others are 2005-6 poems she taped in for readings. She has another book on […]

  • no spineless I

    The spine is supposed to be straight. (is that a screw lower left, or are you just happy to see me?) A Crooked Man There was a crooked man not politician or banker nor CEO or priest or moral shanker (though all fine crooks in each their way) but a simple guy with crooked sight […]

  • Alfie betta, the large orange snail, and Sucker

    Fish Story Went down to the pet store for waterplants, a snail companion, and replacement neon tetras for our tank. On the way to checkout, we passed a wall of small, clear containers, each containing one betta – which pretty much filled the entire area, leaving them no room to swim. Several floated belly up. […]

  • me as veteran fighting our own government

    Just spent hours online and on the fone trying to get registered as veteran for home loan guarantee… around and around we went, finally reduced to submitting a question and hoping for an answer. I was discharged in 1968, and they seem to think no one exists before 1985. Most likely will go down to […]

  • In the Temple of the Echo

    In The Temple of the Echo — my 58th feature past 56 months on Medusa’s Kitchen, thanks to the generosity of publisher/editor Kathy Kieth, who has been posting a new poetry feature by a plethora of poets national and international daily for the past 15 years. as usual, 10 fotos, 9 poems: 1973 – Junky […]

  • yesterday’s poems

    I’m stealing my soul back from the Devil one selfie at a time ~ ~ ~ Rebuilding my soul In spite of Satan haiku by haiku ~ ~ ~