Month: September 2020

  • 5 book covers

    Was asked by Joe Vecchio on Facebook to post the cover of a book that affected me greatly, one book a day for 10 days without explanation. I looked at what others did and each one explained they were asked to post without explanation, which is explanation, so I didn’t… plus, I seldom do requests […]

  • 500 song 100 year shuffle list

    Took 18 months and 1,171 songs, but finished my Amazon shuffle list: Assorted Oddities & Mutilated Melodies – 500 songs, 100 years After Lady goes to bed, I toke, sit in dark, set list to shuffle, and bliss out. Assorted Oddities & Mutilated Melodies Smith playlist on Alexa Amazon Prime ————————————————– 001 – Dem Dry […]

  • Creeping Peepers & Other Seekers

    foto of Lady taken & manipulated by Lady Creeping Peepers & Other Seekers – my latest feature of 10 fotos and 9 poems let loose in the snake-haired lady’s Kitchen….. sez Medusa’s Kitchen publisher/editor Kathy Kieth: Would you like to be a SnakePal? All you have to do is send poetry and/or photos and […]

  • the USA ~ 10th deadliest plague country

    Wheee – World Population Milestones (currently 7,800,000,000 humans) 10 Billion (2057 projected) 9 Billion (2037 projected) 8 Billion (2023 – projected) 7 Billion 2011… took 12 years 6 Billion 1999… took 12 years 5 Billion: 1987… took 13 years 4 Billion: 1974… took 14 years 3 Billion: 1960… took 30 years 2 Billion: 1930… took […]

  • Lady poem 9.12.2020 – Niello

    latest Lady poem Niello The flush tapestry of thinking leaves hung just so by Henri Rousseau. The acorn peeks through its foreskin in peopled prosperity. The sparrow, aplumb in hormones slings its song, nourishing rosin message in sunlight. The sparrow waddleshakes and bathes in padded static on the driveway, a shrine of shallow ripples on […]

  • sieze ya on the downsize

    Last year thru this date I had 217 poems. This year 41. recent 3: 2020.9.3 – Got gas 2020.9.4 – How to Read my Poetry 2020.9.7 – End the Beginning ~ ~ ~ Got gas got road got wheels going somewhere nowhere fast I get my pleasures where I finds them in this bowl of […]

  • Lady’s Lament

    foto collage by Lady Lady lost her Grand Aunt and cousin 2 weeks ago to Covid-19. We found out they were ill one day, and dead the next… mother & daughter died within 3 hours of each other in different locations. She collaged this poem to them from Facebook fragments. ~ ~ ~ August is […]

  • now I wear his bones

    How to Read my Poetry Read if and when and where you will cuz it’s all true and none of it matters There was a crooked man who walked about my poems… now I wear his bones

  • new Stone Rangers

    My longest-lasting friend Stone Ranger from 1971 or 2 been warping some of my fotos into his collages. I’ll post later some of his Stone Ranger & Snorto cartoons from the early 1970’s Here are his latest: