Month: October 2020

  • bleach-eye smith

    Scary adventure last night. Thought I lost an eye. Cleaning up our ex-apartment, I dropped a bottle of bleach which had a loose cap, its lid flew over my head, and a stream of bleach went into my left eye. Can we say not pleasant? My first thought through pain and burning was I’d lost […]

  • blipverse

    blipverse past 3 daze ~ ~ ~ Life is good – look left at clock – 4:20 look right for pipe- already filled ~ ~ ~ 30 year brother dead 33 years bullet to brain ~ ~ ~ Open road Closed mind Detour ~ ~ ~ Storm dark sky starless nightingale sings anyway ~ ~ […]

  • Facebook Hitler banned me for 3 days

    I wrote this on Facebook, and they deleted my post: “Hopefully the Republicans will be wiped out once their old white dumb die.” So I reworded it to: I mentioned on FB that perhaps once one political party’s old and dumb and racist voters expire from old age, perhaps their political party would whither away […]

  • Lady / Book Boy / Cat / Smile

    detail Book Boy by Lady 2 from Lady this morning, her 1st lines after 5 days in new old house. ~ ~ ~ Early Morning Cat Magic The immediate beckons – The cat is not watching me She’s watching the food bowl down to the floor We are not alone in this universe ~ ~ […]

  • dead end brick road, last house on the left

    fotoshopped by Lady… she added the barn star, 2nd story shutters, hydrangeas, she, me, and the old dog Marlowe we’re adopting Last August, Lady asked if we could check out an open house, off of Pearl Road, by the zoo. When we got to the street, it said DEAD END, and I commented “I like […]

  • the 673 songs removed

    musical score It took 1,173 songs to fill  my 500-song 100-year Amazon prime music shuffle list (also took 18 months of searching). Here are the 673 removed. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – Rolling Stones (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle – Hank Williams (You Need Meat) Don’t Go No Further – The Doors 11 MPH […]

  • 1913, the white peril

    “To think otherwise would be to take a despairing view of the future of the race” A 107 year-old take on China and the West. Found this aged newspaper article while sorting what’s to be moved. No date on the article, but the Sidney L. Gulick mentioned lived from 1860–1945, and Wikipedia says he returned […]

  • our Trump Virus caught the Trump Virus