My father’n’law was playing one of his remote-operated flying camera-drone videos (3:46) on which he’d used one of Peter Ball and my songs as soundtrack, and our nigh-five year old niece was dancing to our music. You know you’ve got it when you reach the young.

Optional Gravy

Outside-the-liner slunk from his package
escaping the system as such
proving full well the old-timer’s adage
most helpful avoiding the clutch.

Three parts vermillion four hour twenty
you want it I’ll match you some lies
test your running the con in the cunning
even provide you replies.

Oh jump for joy, employ jubilation
Express all your ritual wry
In laughter leading relaxing nation
Reducing stress levels too high

Ain’t no reason nor season ensuing
these sounds are just wandering wry
tongue torque-type teasing easily slewing
aiming to igloo the lie.

Come sign my mime for more or less legion
returning blue sky to the why
forget foolish fuel fossil religions
let’s earn us some hot apple pie.

Jumping employs the joy jubilation
Expresses your ritual wry
Laughter leads us to relaxing station
Reduces our stress level high

110 songs, recitations, experiments & abominations with music by Peter Ball and Billy Clarksville and vocals/words by me. Free downloads.Some of it is actually good, and some so bad it might be good.


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