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...and they lived happily ever after. Smith & Lady: poets, artists, photographers & adventurers.
Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

doin’ the segue shuffle . . .

doin’ the segue shuffle . . .

O Money – The Mekons
Elephant Talk – King Crimson
One Of My Kind – Concrete Blonde
Bywater Bhangra (Improv #1) – The Dead Kenny G’s
If Jesus Drove A Motor Home – Jim White w/ Aimee Mann
Your Mama Won’t Like Me – Suzi Quatro
Johnny Feelgood – Liz Phair
Mechanical Flattery – Lydia Lunch
#1 Crush (Nelle Hooper Mix) – Garbage
New Orleans Is Sinking – The Tragically Hip
I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash
What We All Want – The Dandy Warhols w/ Gang of Four
I’d Rather Be A Devil – Guadalupe Plata
Misterioso – Thelonious Monk
Thanks A Lot – Ernest Tubb
Federal Funding – Cake
I Ate Lucy – Critters Buggin
My Shits Fucked Up – Kinky Friedman

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