a dozen days, 7 shorties

2021.10.1 – Wife’s working
2021.10.2 – The end of times
2021.10.2 – Good coffee
2021.10.2 – Caffeine
2021.10.5 – Sittin’ in dark
2021.10.10 – After false fire alarm
2021.10.12 – Life and time

~ ~ ~

Wife’s working
roofers are working
I sit in sun

~ ~ ~

The end of times
is just beginning
welcome to the future

~ ~ ~

Good coffee
extra face slap
from inside

~ ~ ~

and cannabis
holy trinity

~ ~ ~

Sittin’ in dark
rain fallin’
life livin’

The world out there
and the world way out there
whirl within

Faint rooster crow
distant train wail
hope rises

~ ~ ~

After false fire alarm
waiting in dark

~ ~ ~

Life and time
a one-way dead-end street

The outside of the backside
it lingers and it grows

Tribal fire’s slight warmth
temporary light against the night

Window haze hiding city
sirens seeping through the woods

Programming on Television Earth
cold souvenir of reality

Wet whispers in the dark
hunger creeping from the heart

Sometimes you hit the mainline
sometimes you don’t

It’s the maybes that get you
they suck you from your song

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