Month: May 2022

  • new Lady poem this morning

    (new Lady poem this morning) Memorial Day We were recovering, too weak to mow the lawn, and it rained and it sunned, and half the lawn was grass, and half the lawn was clover. I trampled a path through the clover to plant the sunflower rootings that came in the mail, the lavender before it […]

  • recent shuffle pool additions

    281 – Tear You Apart – She Wants Revenge 282 – Cows – The Suburbs 283 – St. Louis Blues – Aki Takase & Fred Frith 284 – Yellow Dog Blues – Aki Takase & Fred Frith 285 – Whirrrr (Live) – Jimmy Giuffre, Paul Bley, Steve Swallow 286 – Shelly Manne – Charlie Watts […]

  • Cleveland Gray, 2011, 4:34

    a Ball/Smith experiment from 2011, 4:34, Peter Ball music & recording, me words and voices “Mutant Smith material is quite the churning of the underbelly!– highlights to me so far being High Wind Weather, Onward Ho, S.O.P. and damn, the Cleveland Gray is like a throat walking inside out through an invocation to Howlin Wolf.” […]

  • latest Lady

    Lady’s latest poem Visceral as a fresh caught cut perch yearning as the dog looking hours out the window for the car’s return I love you, I would say to my family the gulp in my heart tendered between mortar and pestle like the unexpected swipe of a burnt cigarette on the arm With some, […]

  • The Bad Narrative Covid Blues

    The Bad Narrative Covid Blues “You tellin’ yerself lies, boy, got the story all wrong,” laughs the now voice in my head over my miserable misanalysis of then. 10 days ago I took an open pack of hotdogs out of the fridge and microwaved two. Read the back during heating and found sell-by-date 3 weeks […]

  • 2 little Covid-19s here

    Lady tested positive for Covid-19 in a Walgreen’s drive-thru, so I tried a home test and find I have it as well. She has a sore throat, not sick, and I’m basically fine. See what happens. Fone nurse said where we are now is as bad as it should get, and this isn’t even vaguely […]

  • my May 2022 Medusa’s Kitchen feature

    short and mostly unsweet 9 poems, 10 fotos “Smith is visiting us today with his usual music and color, and we thank him for his many postings across the years, even as “dark things/grow/fester”. We do indeed need to lift our eyes up from the ground once in a while. And be careful what you […]

  • perhaps the world’s biggest LOSER

    Trump’s Trutch social media network partners filed the 2 paragraphs below in their S-4 registration statement acknowledging Trump’s past failures: ~ ~ ~ Of Trump’s lengthy history of bankruptcies, it states: Entities associated with President Trump have filed for bankruptcy protection. The Trump Taj Mahal, which was built and owned by President Trump, filed for […]

  • my morning almost dental cleaning

    my morning almost dental cleaning —   “You have to fill out this information.” I already filled it out last year. “You have to do it every year, for the insurance people.” I don’t have insurance. “You have to fill it out anyway.” No I don’t, I replied as I left.

  • April 2022 poem harvest

    April 2022 poem harvest 2022.4.12 – Parked car 2022.4.18 – Heat rises 2022.4.21 – Such beauty surrounds 2022.4.22 – New green leaf 2022.4.23 – Bluebells and forget-me-nots 2022.4.24 – Republicans 2022.4.25 – Coffee 2022.4.26 – The low body hum 2022.4.27 – Morning walk 2022.4.28 – In dim light 2022.4.29 – The silence that’s not silence […]