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May 2022 poemestry

slim poetry pickins last month

2022.5.1 – Unknown water
2022.5.13 – Deer silent
2022.5.14 – Kin of my yeast
2022.5.14 – Help us Mr Burroughs
2022.2.17 – My Morning Dental Cleaning
2022.5.28 – The lie of night
2022.5.29 – O to be dog

~ ~ ~

Unknown water
dripping off known roof
tapping at sill

What does it want?

~ ~ ~

Deer silent
bound away

Where does sound go
when it goes away?
does the forest fall?

I watch the worm
I watch the deer
I watch the year

~ ~ ~

Kin of my yeast
crawled from the sea
made back with two beasts

Roaring pedal to the metal
rushing cross the bridge
o for more petal mental

~ ~ ~

Help us Mr Burroughs
the MAGAts are on the move
in naked launch

~ ~ ~

My Morning Dental Cleaning

“You have to fill out this information.”
I already filled it out last year.
“You have to do it every year, for the insurance people.”
I don’t have insurance.
“You have to fill it out anyway.”
No I don’t, I replied as I left.

~ ~ ~

The lie of night
lays with lie of day
begats tomorrow

In sitting sun
toking under dogwood tree
counting my nail holes

~ ~ ~

O to be dog
head out car window
fur face full sun

I’m a sparkplug short
on a cold damp day

~ ~ ~

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