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low output’s better’n no output

Another slow poem month, which is fine cuz low output’s better than no output.

2022.6.4 – Seems like life
2022.6.8 – Tried to be nice
2022.6.10 – Sitting silent
2022.6.22 – The hungry dead and dying
2022.6.24 – Holes to be filled
2022.6.28 – Conversation with Wife 55
2022.6.30 – Halfway thru 2022

~ ~ ~

Seems like life
is a moving target
and I’m the bullseye

Going through the bushes
through the bushes behind the trees
the trees beneath the leaves

Pieces of meat
in the middle of the road
welcome to the suture

Big mess upstairs
but that’s above my grade
I do crumbs below

Day’s dusk
how much damage
then to now?

~~ ~ ~

Tried to be nice
told mosquito
leave me alone I’ll leave you alone
but it bit me
so squished it with a clap
now both our bloods all over both
and nary a lesson learned

~ ~ ~

Sitting silent
in dark, rocking
beneath rainpoundroof

Millions of years
from dinosaurs to gasoline
then two centuries to extinction

I try to outwait pain
eventually most leaves
and I remain

~ ~ ~

The hungry dead and dying
not nice
but that’s life
always has
still is
time to change chime

~ ~ ~

Holes to be filled
holes to be dug
all life long

~ ~ ~

Conversation with Wife 55

“I shouldn’t have toked. I’m incapacitated.”

Isn’t that part of a circuit?
You know, incapacitors and futile-to-resistors?

“You’re strange.”

Well, most folk go to the mountains
to search for the Yeti.
I’m more into The Valley of the Yoni.

“You should write that down.”

You know, I was going to be a pop singer
but I got myself vasectomized.

“So what, you became a soda singer instead?”

~ ~ ~

Halfway thru 2022

Rolled a joint for the journey
then left it on the table
see free stone future

Rusty words
hold me together
as I work these trap lines

Spend much of my light
in the dark

The rich rule
by tongue, gun, neglect

Yet here I am driving through Ohio
taking my weed tax dollars
to Michigan

Going for the going
not the getting there

We appear to be pods
packed in lies
the rich eat like flies

Toke of whacky tobacky smoke
add caffeine
voila! brain woke

Does sadness sorrow?
does sorrow get sad?

Peaceful outside
turmoil within
what a waste

and its sacred lies
of success

In this feudal world
I feed my feral

There’s should
there’s is
there’s seldom both

I add stone
to my body river
and join flow

What does lilac?

~ ~ ~*

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