October 2022 poem harvest

2022.10.2 – I was breast man
2022.10.3 – Life along the asphalt
2022.10.7 – Bureaucrats
2022.10.9 – First word of the day
2022.10.14 – Driving concrete highway
2022.10.15 – Lady’s morning FB status
2022.10.18 – Sitting in the low light morning
2022.10.25 – Pain rise morning
2022.10.29 – Another cup of guilt, please

~ ~ ~

I was breast man
at Mammary’s wedding
nippled in the bud

~ ~ ~

Life along the asphalt
fear mongers feeding folk
yolk of discontent

~ ~ ~

use their craft
to weave more crap

~ ~ ~

First word of the day
and the last

~ ~ ~

Driving concrete highway
concrete before
concrete after
concrete both sides
concrete beneath


~ ~ ~

Lady’s morning FB status:

“Ah for a cozy, comfy, worry-free world.
Where every room is a candle of a different height,
and all the doors delight to delight.”

– Lady 10.15.2022

~ ~ ~

Sitting in the low light morning
of another Cleveland grey day
rain rapping roof
soothing this beast at least
two clocks ticking reminding me of me
thunder somewhere distant rumbling
mumbling its quantum ties
fireplace playing
happy edging about in curiosity
somewhat outside my lines of lies
I feel hopefully inadequate
not up to the task

“of what?” you might ask

its before
and after

~ ~ ~

Pain rise morning
walking in the asters
beneath the golden leaves

Every click of entropy
Brings darker now
brighter then

Clocks a tickin’ talkin’ time
space oozing gravity’s rhyme

~ ~ ~

Another cup of guilt, please
cuz that’s how I’m built, see
running on anon

fear and failure favorite out
in this game of blame and doubt

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