general info issue 21 (Duck & Cover) is 144 pages 172 artists / $15 + postage. edited by Steven B. Smith, Beth Wolfe & Kathy Ireland Smith.

available at Macs Backs Books | Bookstore on West 25th Street |

agent for ArtCrimes past and present after we leave the country is Mark Kuhar of Deep Cleveland Press:

* * * 

ArtCrimes needs cash. This last printing cost $4000, and we have not recovered this investment. Each contributor received a free copy plus we had a lot of expense mailing copies. That we have not recovered this is disheartening, especially considering the good press it’s had over the years: (Steve estimates he’s lost at least $20,000 over the past twenty years of publication.)

It’s a shame; I cannot think of another Cleveland poetry publication that’s had this much fanfare and reach.

I’d like to print more publications, but unless we recover more of the cost of printing, we’ll have to stop. If you are interested in helping us to continue to do this, please support us by purchasing ArtCrimes issues from Mark Kuhar ( or send donations via Paypal to smithcrimes at

Thank you,

Kathy Ireland Smith

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