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  • money coffin

    Water leak from ceiling started last Friday. Called Roto Rooter, they came out, checked things out, turned off water, said they’d be back Monday to fix. Called Monday, no call back; called Tuesday and Wednesday, no call-back; called this morning and asked for a supervisor – he works in a national call center, so connected […]

  • shadow of the not-Yeti

    Stopped by MetroHealth Pharmacy for vitamins and found the underground parking lot and most doors blocked off, with a metal detector at the open main entrance. Perhaps gun violence is reaching corporate concern level and the money being lost will finally push gun control in Congress, for as we all know most politicians care about […]

  • Smith & Lady travels more or less Aug 2006 – Mar 2009

    Smith & Lady travels more or less Aug 2006 – Mar 2009 We first left with 70 pounds of backpack each — returned with 35 pounds each . . . quickly learned you REALLY have to want something in order to carry it on your back. >>>>> to chiplis (1 mile) >>>>> to chicago — […]

  • perhaps the world’s biggest LOSER

    Trump’s Trutch social media network partners filed the 2 paragraphs below in their S-4 registration statement acknowledging Trump’s past failures: ~ ~ ~ Of Trump’s lengthy history of bankruptcies, it states: Entities associated with President Trump have filed for bankruptcy protection. The Trump Taj Mahal, which was built and owned by President Trump, filed for […]

  • “Oh My F*king God Get The F*king Vaccine Already You F*king F*ks” by Wendy Molyneux

    Wish I could scream this to the unvaccinated thru a bullhorn —

  • soft shuffle

    soft shuffle . . . White Man – Macy Gray The Caravan Moves On – Charles Lloyd Shut Up And Drive – Shawn Colvin Junkie Doll – Mark Knopfler Dancing Barefoot – Patti Smith Federal Funding – Cake Pedestrian At Best – Courtney Barnett Fretless Nostril – Critters Buggin Peroxide Beach – Sloppy Jane Little […]

  • toilet’s clogged again . . .

    toilet’s clogged again . . . this thing won’t go down the drain

  • shuffle on anonymous one . . .

    shuffle on anonymous one . . . King Kong – Clinic Cold Dog Soup – Guy Clark Bad Karma – Miley Cyrus & Joan Jett Elephant Ghost – Colonel Claypool’s Bucket Of Bernie Brains A Swamp Dog’s Tale – Goat Girl Back Porch – The Presidents Of The United States Terror Couple Kill Colonel – […]

  • strange property line

    we’ve a strange property line . . . (looks like we’ll be getting solar panels on the roof)

  • no shuffle hustle here

    no mere shuffle hustle here. . . On My Radio – The Selecter The Jungle Line – Joni Mitchell Beauty Tip – Television I Put A Spell On You – Mykal Rose Flower – Liz Phair Lady Doubonette – The Bizarros Caravan – Duke Ellington, Mingus, Max Roach Bywater Bhangra (Improv #1) – The Dead […]