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  • El Mundo (The World) 30″ x 20″ 2008

    Collaged our 30″ x 20″ table top in 2008 during our 15 month stay in Oaxaca. Was too big to bring on the plane when we returned to the U.S. in 2009, so it still down there somewhere, hopefully. Titled it El Mundo (The World). Like it quite a lot.

  • Vidrick poetry via Lady via Dall-E

    Lady ran these lines of Russell Vidrick’s poetry through the A.I. art app Dall-E. Where to, how, and what to do. Four and a half billion years and my nose appears, crooked. Venus and Jupiter painted on my hand. Purple, green sky swimming in sand. Auction of morning and raven of wind. Cathedral of dove […]

  • Contois / Reynolds Stained Art Glass Studio

    My Christmas gift to Lady (per her request) was a 2nd Contois / Reynolds Art Glass Studio window piece. It hangs in our kitchen over the sink, so it dominates the room (in a good way). . . which is hard to do because it is Lady’s art kitchen. Reynolds is my longest friend – […]

  • *My* songs

    >>>>>>”My” songs that used to be on my shuffle<<<<<< My Baby – John Hiatt My Baby Done Changed The Lock On The Door – Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder My Baby Needs a Shepherd – Emmylou Harris My Body The Car – Godley & Creme My Brain – Mose Allison My City Was Gone – […]

  • March 2023 art/poetry feature on Medusa’s Kitchen

    “Smith is with us today—that’s Steven B. Smith, with good advice and just the right rhythms ’n rhymes to pass it on to us! Thanks for your visit, SBS, and keep on keepin’…” sez Kathy Kieth editor/publisher Medusa’s Kitchen, a daily posting of artists & poets.

  • Smith in The Digital Museum of Modern Art

    Rediscovered 19-yr-old post of my art and poems, partially interactive, on The Digital Museum of Modern Art. Home page has 6 links: Poem Cycle – shows a poem with several words high-lighted . . . click and it takes you to same word in different poem with more word-clicks available . . . no idea […]

  • back when I was almost cool

    back when I was almost cool — “Agent of Chaos That would be Steven B. Smith, the man behind Cleveland’s cult classic journal ArtCrimes, a limited edition lit/art publication that emerged during the mid eighties. Now you can order up your own at Steven’s agentofchaos website, launching literary outrageousness, entertaining criticism, art slide show, plus […]

  • One Sparkplug Short

    *Good morning, Cleveland and the Smith clan — Smith (Steven B. Smith), Lady, dog and cat. And mighty thanks for Steven’s sharp shards of poetry and visuals: “Parts of truth tell more of truth…”* sez Kathy Kieth editor/publisher Medusa’s Kitchen One Sparkplug Short – 9 poems, 10 fotos

  • me what you why

    I supply the what You supply the why

  • The Bone Dance & Alarm Tag

    cabinet doors #6 & 7, 3.2022, 13″ x 28″ left – The Bone Dance right – Alarm Tag