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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
frenetic, love-laden song, "Walking On Thin Ice." ( play song )

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Lady poem 9.12.2020 – Niello

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

latest Lady poem


The flush
tapestry of thinking leaves
hung just so by Henri Rousseau.
The acorn peeks through its
foreskin in peopled prosperity.
The sparrow, aplumb in hormones
slings its song, nourishing rosin
message in sunlight.
The sparrow waddleshakes and bathes
in padded static on the driveway,
a shrine of shallow ripples
on a pointillist radio.
I’m ever on the halfway stretch,
the exigency of a foothold purchase,
pulling fruit through the shadow shape
that floods its faithful containment field,
the torch forwards the apple in its
swaddled pillow of tunnel.
A purring car rafts a bough of freeway
through the whump whump of analog.
The backseat baby’s sated gaze
regards the niello of roadlights streaming
in the liquid night.
Be the light of every flying, bend the knee
on the now of the heart, expect good.
Be baby reaching for the mobile of stars
turning from the ceiling night.

– Lady, 9.12.2020


Lady’s Lament

Sunday, September 6th, 2020

foto collage by Lady

Lady lost her Grand Aunt and cousin 2 weeks ago to Covid-19. We found out they were ill one day, and dead the next… mother & daughter died within 3 hours of each other in different locations.

She collaged this poem to them from Facebook fragments.

~ ~ ~

August is Something to Behold
For Aunt Marion and Cousin Sandra

Churches turn into breweries
and breweries turn into churches
this week in the temple of the heart
First of all, my thighs
second, the wall art

For the best birthday cake recommendation
the finest curmudgeon’s permaculture trail
the first potatoes of the year
the gift of golden honey
white sunflowers and black corn

an earthworm jumps
a little thing gone wild
it writes by night

A crow brings a penny from heaven
Water rolls off a duck back’s
Keep your fingers crossed
it all works out for the best
may you forever build what you can

The tortoise was born
when the world did not yet have the telephone, photography, nor even the light bulb
thought extinct, he returned

Grandmother riots sunshine smile in the
community mural, proud homeowner
Mother tilts the mirror frame from a thrift store
Hello sweetie
The exact time lightning hits the water,
the light in me, the light in you

– Lady K, Cobbled together from phrases found on Facebook

~ ~ ~

then she reworked that poem into this, using Jayce Renner’s cutup app and then massaging the result…

In the August mural

Your thighs open
Your birthday cake is made from light
Your mother tilts the thrift store mirror
the telephone rings
pennies roll from heaven
water rolls off a duck’s back
the world is born the turtle returns
the smiling week leaves its seconds
the church is a brewery
the crow brings honey
the temple is of corn
the sunflowers riot
the earthworm fingers the soil
that nurtures the potato’s heart

~ Lady K

foto collage by Lady


now I wear his bones

Friday, September 4th, 2020

How to Read my Poetry

Read if and when and where you will
cuz it’s all true
and none of it matters

There was a crooked man
who walked about my poems…
now I wear his bones


new Stone Rangers

Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

My longest-lasting friend Stone Ranger from 1971 or 2 been warping some of my fotos into his collages.

I’ll post later some of his Stone Ranger & Snorto cartoons from the early 1970’s

Here are his latest:



Sunday, August 30th, 2020


Stumbled across one of my found poems… this is an error message that appeared on my computer 16 years ago, back when I was a programmer analyst for hire – have no idea what it means


Version 31N20512 03:06559

sstb2:HELP GOD


God’s dice


monthly Medusa in a daily way

Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

Hearty thanks to Smith (Steven B. Smith) this morning for rocking us forward into another day of craziness! “The sun comes up, the knives come out… [but] we go on.” writes Kathy Kieth, publisher/editor of Medusa’s Kitchen.

1965 – On The State Of The State
1989 – On Your Knees Please
2014 – Meditation
2014 – Never Nuff
2016 – My Lady Love
2018 – Once More Round The Bend
2018 – On The Block
2020 – Grim And Bear It
2020 – The water rush of wind

I asked Kathy Kieth if I could advise others to send poetry – “Sure! I think of Medusa as sort of an open mic, rather than a poetry journal, and we need a continual rotation of new voices, especially in these times of trouble…”

so there you go – send stuff to… blame me if you wanna.



me as veteran fighting our own government

Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Just spent hours online and on the fone trying to get registered as veteran for home loan guarantee… around and around we went, finally reduced to submitting a question and hoping for an answer. I was discharged in 1968, and they seem to think no one exists before 1985.

Most likely will go down to the Federal Bldg Monday and set off their metal detectors with my hip / shoulders / neck metal.

3rd foto 1963, 2nd 1965, 1st 1966, 4th foto 1974


In the Temple of the Echo

Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

In The Temple of the Echo — my 58th feature past 56 months on Medusa’s Kitchen, thanks to the generosity of publisher/editor Kathy Kieth, who has been posting a new poetry feature by a plethora of poets national and international daily for the past 15 years.

as usual, 10 fotos, 9 poems:

1973 – Junky Luv
2005 – In the Temple of the Echo
2014 – Inner Animal
2015 – I’m for Falling
2015 – Kundalini Wheelie
2017 – Is Happens
2019 – Island of Lost Souls
2020 – Tempus Fuckit
2020 – Social Isolation


yesterday’s poems

Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

I’m stealing my soul
back from the Devil
one selfie at a time

~ ~ ~

Rebuilding my soul
In spite of Satan
haiku by haiku

~ ~ ~


sick flux (16 chump Trumps)

Thursday, July 30th, 2020

sick flux
aka Trump Virus
aka pedarest rapist racist liar cheat thief


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