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  • 36 Smith mutilated Trumps showing inner ugly outly

    Beauty may be shallow, but inner ugly all is. Here are my Trump unmaskings from 2020-21 so far in alphabetical order

  • sick flux (16 chump Trumps)

    sick flux aka Trump Virus aka pedarest rapist racist liar cheat thief

  • Benedict Donald

    Benedict Donald, TrumpVirus Buffoon and World Laughing Stock

  • men

  • Sad… bigly bigly sad

    Trump on a stick This sculpture by Tim Joyce looks a bit like Trump… of course the face would have to be fatter, the hair faker, the eyes beadier, the skin more fake orange if you wanted better verisimilitude. Chief Small Hands Man Tried to sell these honorifics to Little Donnie Chump, but no go: […]

  • aggressive gas guzzling Labor Day jets gulp the sky

    the Vietnam War was called the Coca-Cola War by some Status Report 76 Aggressive gas guzzling Labor Day jets gulp the sky killing our tax dollars for their propaganda . . . Why do governments lie? – Smith, 9.7.2015 the mouse that roared

  • Faux News

    Faux News “Me”gyn Kelly and Lie O’Reilly, willfully ignorant, or bigot? No truth too small to lie no fact too strong to wrong they cotton to the contrary of our country as a crime. Kleptocrats and their twisted sifters. Long Noose and Moses saunter through town looking for supposes crowning clown holding their noses at […]

  • hot not

    Some seriously aggressively named and unpolitically correct hot sauce brand names at the Asian spice shop this morning in the West Side Market. impolite sauce – fotosmith

  • poetry, painting, people

    American Ego, 1984 – collage & foto by Smith Tonight, Friday October 22 at 7 pm, Lady K and I will be the opening featured poets at the Lix & Kix monthly reading at the Bela Dubby coffee shop art gallery & beer bar at 13321 Madison Ave, Lakewood, Oh, 44107, 216-221-4479. We’ll be followed […]


    This is my testament.