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  • deer, groundhogs, skunk, raccoon, birds, bees, elephant

    For $40, you can feed a raccoon 4 fish. We bought a 141 yr-old house, overlooking the Cleveland Zoo, with a large, irregular backyard bigger than the house. Lady decided to landscape. Started buying used brick and slate. Began a snaking brick-lined slate path, added a brick patio for the beehive, then dug a fishpool […]

  • bee patio by Lady

    Lady is blossoming amid her bees and bloom. We picked up 7th hive Tuesday, having lost previous 6 past 6 years. Day before, Lady built them a used-brick bee patio. We’d hauled half dozen carloads of bricks she’d found on FB marketplace, plus couple carloads slate. Now she’s landscaping the patio, as well as our […]

  • 2 bee bites, 2 short poems

    Last week during hive inspection, a bee stung me through my sock on the inside of my right ankle. Yesterday one stung me on the inside of my left ankle. Right on the bone both times. How do they know where the closest flesh is? Good Cop Story 2 Before this year, last time I […]

  • flit float down dance

    Top Shelf Third floor window dim in bright out. Big bumblebee flies clumsily across as two leaves flit float down in dance the bumblebee stumbling back while a third slow falling leaf lingers in light. Here inside is pre-cricket quiet there outside the water rush of wind and traffic with the babble of the birds […]

  • sage smoke

    Sage Smoke Standing with the Cleveland Native Americans who are standing with Standing Rock the sage smoke circle ends with Blossom saying “Give your thanks your way” I nod to the green of the trees the blue of the sky then down to the clover on the ground and the honey bee caressing it. I […]

  • Lady Poem 8/14/2016

    Wistful rain like I am being taken care of home safe carapace from which I play the carilon of keystrokes on computer I sit in comfort of couch in presence of husband of love the cat shifts her hind toes carefree in plush sleep knowledge of oatmeal to come berries to pick bees to visit […]

  • back in bees-ness + psychedelic steampunk dream

    last of old hive Daisy We back in bees-ness. Bought a box of swarm honey bees two days ago and installed Hive Ivy out in Ashtabula. The last two hive were Daisy 1 and Daisy II, and we figure Queen Daisy I, II, and III have had their say. Hive Daisy I the bees disappeared the […]

  • flock of phlox / back in the bee business

    A flock of phlox outside our door bursting into sun – Smith, 7.19.2016 We’re going to buy a bee swarm in two weeks, be back in the bee business.

  • light to stride the day

    When we bought our $125 three-pound box of starter bees with queen this year, we got a bad queen, so we were screwed before we started and didn’t know it. Within two weeks the worker bees started building supersedure cells to create a new queen, which means they didn’t think our queen was doing a good […]

  • not to bee

    Our beehive is dying. Our first hive last year was by-the-book successful for nine months, giving us 120 pounds of honey, then the first of February all the bees vanished. We bought a new box of bees with a queen and dumped them into the hive end of April. Within the week the worker bees were […]