Category: Creative Writing

  • Edna’s Employment Agency by Wred Fright

    I wrote a short review of Wred Fright’s new comic novel “Edna’s Employment Agency” cuz he seems like a nice guy. ~ ~ ~ I stopped by Edna’s Employment Agency. Meeting their misfit employees and questionable clientele, I wondered how they all survived, what with the staff spending more time getting through their damaged lives […]

  • Yes, erumpent fireflies warmed hands

    Yes, erumpent fireflies warmed hands on xanthous flames fireplaced in a viperiform damascene hagioscope gripping the reredos Girandoled discoball constellations yogiboogeyboarded swimming pool lights, dog and ponied interstices of the ceiling joists zoopraxiscoped herds of variegated animals, the alopecoid and hares, all manners of dazzling English animals The nickle nutlets of teeth in jellygraph gloss […]

  • Friday Night

    A delirium of talk from my head to my heart tight burn hollows of shoulders dog breath, a panicked cat bird in the throat bird in the ear bird in the eyes bird brain Friday night ~ Lady

  • wee Audrey & Aidi and poemz aplenty

    We took the first hour of 4 and manned the SPACES Gallery poetry tent across from the West Side Market yesterday. Folk would walk up, we’d ask their name, a few questions, then write a free poem for them. We wrote 18 in an hour, so we each had 7 minutes max to question, write, […]


    King hailed angels / of the moral order


    Cupid flies on a zephyr


    Peeling back the avalanche / the headache / the blizzard / the overflowing inbox / the incidents of the nuts & bolts / of dealing with life– / all those card hands


    They say / the grasshopper / didn’t do it…

  • what would Jack do?

    detail Smith sculpture – foto Smith What would Jack do? Reading Jack Keroauc’s truth-disguised-as-fiction “Tristessa” (1960) which I hadn’t known about until I bought it used from Guide to Kulchur for $5. Kerouac was my main driver of yearning for adventure and travel ever since my 17 yr-old self read “On the Road” in 1963 […]

  • Is it not Quest, but Story?

    I didn’t know my reality was in holding mode, initial conditions mode left to mold. It was waiting for me and I didn’t know. I swear I didn’t know it.