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  • Lady K’s spring 2017 issue of The City

    Lady K published her online seasonal poetry/art journal this morning minutes before we left for the MetroPark Canalway reading celebrating it. Absolutely excellent issue featuring Laura Dumm, Robert Lee Haycock, Bree Zlee Bodnar, Michael Joseph Arcangelini, Tim Joyce, Marc Steven Mannheimer, Chris Cipriani, Russell Vidrick, John Swain, Christina M. Brooks, Tim Green, Maj Ragain, Heather […]

  • kulchur

    Past Imperfect Dawn comes. Day’s spawn stirs climbing light’s stairs to possible stars. Or clings instead stark to dark tossing hope to mope on mind’s morass. What was, was. Soak in sulk of done gone past or get off your ass. Rise to wise. Work the struggle puzzle. Don’t rewalk past acts. – Smith, 5.26.2016 […]

  • Lady Poem 5-23-2016

    We write together “What should we write,” I ask God, “for this morning’s poem?” Answer or preamble always the same – “Life and love,” and then I’m inflated with a big heave of breath I wait then for God to expound on this morning’s take on the topic When something sad happens, God says “life” […]

  • wee Audrey & Aidi and poemz aplenty

    We took the first hour of 4 and manned the SPACES Gallery poetry tent across from the West Side Market yesterday. Folk would walk up, we’d ask their name, a few questions, then write a free poem for them. We wrote 18 in an hour, so we each had 7 minutes max to question, write, […]

  • Lady Poem – June 4, 2015

    A kneeling person / in a sunken cathedral / haloed by the universe’s concern

  • Lady Poem ~ May 5, 2015

    Spinning dust around clump of star / banging itself into planet, battered matter

  • Lady Poem – May 2, 2015

    Of honeyed pastries sampled by cupids bows of beestung lips, of truth’s shimmering antimony,

  • Poetry Month – Lady #8

    She don’t stop, she don’t stop / shipping boxes full of love

  • Smith & Lady Poems March 2015 – Lady’s #31

    Away from the melee, away / from the undertow of the appalling,

  • Smith & Lady Poems March 2015 – #16

    Laying flowers side by side on the table / to array the palette of a bouquet, my jackleg fingers / in this matter remembering the words of / Thich Nhat Hanh, “leave space in / between things.”