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  • Dead Elvis 2012

    Elvis in Krakow Poland 2006 – foto Smith Elvis Presley was 77 yesterday. That means I’m 2 months shy of 66. Think I’m doing much better than he is, except financially, and name recognition of course. Although who knows; maybe it’s much nicer on the other side. But is Elvis Elvis on the other side, […]

  • Maybe Heaven is Supposed to be this Planet

    Maybe Heaven is supposed to be this Planet. This is the butterfly that’s going to carry me home, and this is the trash I’m going to pick up later, I hope.

  • Old MacDonald had a farm

    Risk is part of farmin/run with it weirdness. “I’m going to go for the trash I see on the Horizon and then hopfully I’ll be able to run.”

  • Calling All Egos of the Universe

    Auguring the Divine

  • dead elvis 2010

    Elvis foto taken in Krakow Poland – fotos by Smith Elvis turned 75 yesterday – that’s 42 live Elvis years plus 33 dead Elvis years. Dead Elvis made $55 million dollars last year, $403 million these past 10 years, and $4.2 billion just while he was alive. John Lennon said “Before Elvis, there was nothing.” […]