Category: Environment

  • shadow of the not-Yeti

    Stopped by MetroHealth Pharmacy for vitamins and found the underground parking lot and most doors blocked off, with a metal detector at the open main entrance. Perhaps gun violence is reaching corporate concern level and the money being lost will finally push gun control in Congress, for as we all know most politicians care about […]

  • strange property line

    we’ve a strange property line . . . (looks like we’ll be getting solar panels on the roof)

  • online tap water quality check by zipcode

    Cleveland tap water quality test results for the Tremont neighborhood per the (Environmental Working Group) website. Bromodichloromethane exceeds the standard by 125 times (cancer causing) Chloroform exceeds the standard by 30 times (cancer causing) Chromium (hexavalent) exceeds the standard by 5.1 times (cancer causing) Dibromochloromethane exceeds the standard by 36 times (cancer causing) Dichloroacetic […]

  • rabbit biting snake tail

    Climate March 2017, Washington, D.C. Tolls for Thee Driving back roads to avoid tolls I see a snake trying to escape across the highway from a rabbit biting its tail and pulling it back into the dirt for lunch All roads are toll roads – Smith, 5.5.2017 We drove to D.C. last Friday to march […]

  • Lady Poem 7-29-2016

    A shearwater nests on the edge of a cliff to fall in dream to flight in space its cruciform wings skim tips of waves and it follows the whales to feed on their wakes ~ Lady

  • June 5, 2016 Lady Poem

    Indigenous spirits of the woods this sacred land A squirrel holding a parcel black shadows between his competent furry fingers the creatureness of his philtrum, the cleft of his nose A chipmunk like a minnow stopped on the shallows on a log, in pause from shivering slits of her nares to the stripes of her […]

  • May 29, 2016 Lady Poem

    How unexpected a bird flapping down from the roof – decision and missive rendered. Thock thock thock thock thock. Cross between rubber and drum. Bird chatter indicative of a quiescence when the traffic ebbs. Carousel cars turn toward then into rafts of away. I lift my head up from the computer in a minute of […]

  • Pollination

    Petals’ smoother-than-leaf plastic velvet house essential color and oil

  • aggressive gas guzzling Labor Day jets gulp the sky

    the Vietnam War was called the Coca-Cola War by some Status Report 76 Aggressive gas guzzling Labor Day jets gulp the sky killing our tax dollars for their propaganda . . . Why do governments lie? – Smith, 9.7.2015 the mouse that roared

  • the weird orange-eyed bee people

    my beekeeping Lady Status Report 9 Strawberries are stiff and dry. I prefer berries made out of berries. I was an Old Testicle kind of guy, believed in an eye for an eye, until the whole world went blind. Those without sin need cast their first atone. There’s buried treasure beneath her cotton white robe, […]