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  • The Bad Narrative Covid Blues

    The Bad Narrative Covid Blues “You tellin’ yerself lies, boy, got the story all wrong,” laughs the now voice in my head over my miserable misanalysis of then. 10 days ago I took an open pack of hotdogs out of the fridge and microwaved two. Read the back during heating and found sell-by-date 3 weeks […]

  • Lady K eye cancer news (basically good)

    Lady had her extremely rare (1 out of 2,000,000) eye cancer tumor radiated March 2017. Then in March 2018 she had cataract surgery for that eye since the radiation worsened the cataracts. For two month she had great vision, better than in years, but now her retina is swelling from radiation damage so they stuck […]

  • in the land of the one eye

    too bright the light Life with Wife 5 Scrub tub add epsom salts fill with hot water ease in take a toke lay back in hot wake to soak away ache and phone rings wife saying “Can you pick me up?” “Now?” “My eye hurts.” Four weeks ago doctors took her eye part way out […]

  • Lady K eye tumor update as positive as possible

    Lady K had a cat scan today to see if her eye cancer had spread. It tends to spread to and from the liver and lungs. Her liver is clean, and they found a couple small spots in her lungs which they say are probably benign and nothing to worry about, but which they will […]

  • pixie-cut Lady w/ cancer eye

    Lady cut her hair pixie short yesterday, it had hung below her shoulders. She did it to break the mental/emotional gloom brought on by discovering two days ago she had eye cancer, and that in 15 days the doctors are going to sew a radioactive pellet to her eyeball for three days to kill the […]

  • sermon of the mote

    Lady K has a medium sized cancerous melanoma in her left eye. In 17 days, they’re going to sew a small radioactive pellet into her eye, keep her in the hospital for 3 days, then remove it. This could solve the problem. Only two options with this cancer is radiation or removal of eye, and […]

  • dem bones dem bones dem dry bones

    Neck rods inserted Jan 12, 2017 Post-Op, Day 19 In last dark of night awaiting new morning dawn Day reduced to pain management Night to finding compromise twixt neck, neck brace, and sleep Pain as Sisyphus slog No right and comfortable just long wrong Slowly fading to gone Tired of the pain tired of the […]

  • been wondering about my dreams

    spur is about 1/3 from top of foto, the black protrusion on the right pushing into the white surrounding the lighter gray spinal cord I’ve been wondering about my dreams. I’m a vivid dreamer, totally detailed with things like pebbles on the ground and dust in the basement and spiderwebs, all in color, frequently surreal. […]

  • Generosity

    Spring’s watercolor renewal: wood buds, floods green

  • my spine’s on my mind

    Strange pre-surgery preparations . . . carried two 40-pound bags of birdseed up the stairs . . . bicycled over to West Side Market for ingredients for two large batches of soup . . . three loads laundry . . . finishing up my Holmden Hill Community Garden sign . . . gather and send […]