Category: Humor

  • 5-alarm non-fire

    The 5-Alarm Non-Fire or the smoke detector that wouldn’t die Asleep 90 minutes and the fire alarm goes off. We have ADT home security so the smoke detector is tied to a very loud penetrating abrasive screaming beep alarm. We get up. I smell wood smoke, check every room, closet, pull ceiling stairs down , […]

  • a True Tale of Armed Robbery, Stolen Cars, Outsider Art, Mutant Poetry, Underground Publishing, Robbing the Cradle, and Leaving the Country – by Smith & Lady

    from 2012 (in its timeless way) Stations of the Lost & Found, a True Tale of Armed Robbery, Stolen Cars, Outsider Art, Mutant Poetry, Underground Publishing, Robbing the Cradle, and Leaving the Country – by Smith & Lady Drug orgies, massive refindings of reality, the acceptance of interdimensions. Errant life scout, cultural adventurer, perception tester, […]

  • shuffle on to … ?

    another nice weave of A.I. shuffle Smoke – Liz Phair Mushroom Men – Les Claypool Wicked Way – Imelda May Nobody But You – Lou Reed & John Cale Prison of the Senses – Pere Ubu Boogie Stop Shuffle – Charles Mingus The Valley of the Pagans – Gorillaz & Beck Weed Killer – The […]

  • new Stone Rangers

    My longest-lasting friend Stone Ranger from 1971 or 2 been warping some of my fotos into his collages. I’ll post later some of his Stone Ranger & Snorto cartoons from the early 1970’s Here are his latest:

  • no spineless I

    The spine is supposed to be straight. (is that a screw lower left, or are you just happy to see me?) A Crooked Man There was a crooked man not politician or banker nor CEO or priest or moral shanker (though all fine crooks in each their way) but a simple guy with crooked sight […]

  • Yes, erumpent fireflies warmed hands

    Yes, erumpent fireflies warmed hands on xanthous flames fireplaced in a viperiform damascene hagioscope gripping the reredos Girandoled discoball constellations yogiboogeyboarded swimming pool lights, dog and ponied interstices of the ceiling joists zoopraxiscoped herds of variegated animals, the alopecoid and hares, all manners of dazzling English animals The nickle nutlets of teeth in jellygraph gloss […]

  • 2 leftover tidbits, 1 new tidbyte

    “Mingus Our Magic,” 4.5″ x 5″ x 1.5″ for Lady K., 12.24.2017 Piece in the fotos titled for poem I wrote Lady in our 10th week of relationship. I turned her onto Mingus, Yoko Ono, and Was (Not Was), and she turned me onto Gorillaz. ~ Match Mingus our magic We mingle our meld both […]

  • punbrella

    still life Punbrella Don’t ask for whom the vasectomy tolls, it’s nut for thee. Sometimes it’s acumen, sometimes it’s agoin’. A bird that’s flown 3,000 miles is probably tired and feathered. Bill Cosby, Harvey Winestein, and Donald Trump walked into a bar, and all the females fled. They always talk about miscommunication, but what about […]

  • conversaling

    Conversation with Wife 39 Wife comes in looking for scissors and twine. What are you searching for? “I need to truss the bird.” You can’t trust birds, they’re foul. What’s the controversy with Porgy & Bess? “It’s seen as white guy condescendence.” Is that where dew collects on flowers? “No, that’s condensation.” Like a person […]

  • the lady & the doors van morrison

    When I walk, my right arm thumps against my side, large, hard, like a massive weight lifter’s appendage, but this hard and heavy isn’t from exercise but rather swollen flesh protesting the knives and saws and pryings screwings bruisings of my second shoulder replacement. Major change in pain pill philosophy. My two days in the […]