Lady Poem 6-11-2016

For Lincoln or Liberty

Clay and fountain
bright source, trice August
fresh brew in the sweatiest month
loin fruit, tiny pink-fisted sturdiness
mouth like an illustration for a healthy wail
presentation of a new someone

~ Lady

June 5, 2016 Lady Poem

Indigenous spirits of the woods
this sacred land

A squirrel holding a parcel
black shadows between his
competent furry fingers
the creatureness of
his philtrum, the
cleft of his nose

A chipmunk like a minnow
stopped on the shallows on a log, in pause
from shivering slits of her nares
to the stripes of her quivering
tail tip

I can get the meaning if I really
want – how do I know I’ve
got it, though

~ Lady

Lady Poem June 1, 2016

Sweet sparrow more urgent in her call this morning
harps “Go to work, go to work,” and or
“Spend some time, take some time”
which, or my indecisiveness
wants both

Stochastic resonance and or
collusion with the universe
my ridge of soundtrack

Time chases me
I am poor and rich
I love the wolf

~ Lady

Lady Poem May 27, 2016

Fastidious ants granulate in
busy grasping-legged clusters
from cracks on the sidewalk
such slices of life appear

Season’s turned from gelid to humid
and summer’s undulating poshness catches me
by surprise

Kites at Edgewater beckon
blooming dresses in expansive recesses
of heaven on earth, the consciousness
of time’s luxury

Frantic to feel the ease of this dream
to lay on the top of a picnic bench,
canopy of leaves on bluebird egg sky
to peer at material so green
and so spiritual

~ Lady

Lady Poem May 26, 2016

Cool breeze on a day going to get hot
whilst my intense frenetic quotidian thought
knits bird whistles chirps growing more insistent –
that and breeze lifts my attention to the open window
the nearer sparrow sweet and her fellows
on further branches cross the street less so
rasping straw ricocheting echoes

The potential of the day parlays
the scraping of the basin

~ Lady

Lady Poem 5-23-2016

We write together

“What should we write,”
I ask God, “for this morning’s poem?”

Answer or preamble always the same –
“Life and love,” and then I’m inflated
with a big heave of breath

I wait then for God to expound
on this morning’s take
on the topic

When something sad happens,
God says “life” either in comment or

When not sad I often forget
I forget to ask God what He thinks
I suspect it’s life and love
as well

~ Lady

May 13 Elle Poem

We persist a long time
not so much day to day flippy floppy
yin yang but afterthought –
hereafter romanticized

Not dancing life versus death
rather breath for bone,


It lets me be, my skeleton
and when I’ll see my soul my death
will look down and cry, sad grappler at
sad grappler until my breath realizes
autonomous persistence and
after’s whatever

~ Elle

May 12, 2016 Lady Poem

Satisfaction so easily found
in the sunshine of your love
in the extended moments of
long Saturday afternoons

Saturday holy middle days
shushed work or carpentry rehab
of personal projects

Time for parks and poignant green dreams –
moist warm plant and earth smells harken
youth’s outdoor playtime like memory
beheld in a celestial momento plate

~ Lady

May 9 Lady Poem

Queen Daisy II

Golden zags to pollen
workers bring nectar for babies
sequestered in hexagon holds

Eggs smaller than cilia
tinier than hair touchdown
from Queen Daisy’s ovipositor

Only product with drones
makes female worker bees
in tick tack toe else drones
themselves don’t load

~ Lady

May 7, 2016 Lady Poem

Earth Air Fire Water

Water conquers fire
fire conquers air
earth conquers air
earth conquers fire
water conquers earth

Air breathes on water
air medium for water
air spirit, fire spirit

Fire speaks in air
which is fire in the lung
red saltwater carries its oxygen
to our clay walking on earth
pleasing the feet

Fire’s heat
hands outstretched
eyes entranced
water thirst quenched
spirit mind blessed

~ Lady