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  • May 6, 2016 Lady Poem

    Attende Domine Worms crawl in the ground all sacred, the ground – and oh why do I forget to walk on it Decorative prisms hang in the window barrier to my filigree tree with its own ornaments, wintered sycamore pods Sparkling wings fling the sky past its branches Birdsong garland cheerful honey to my ears […]

  • Lady Poem 4/22/2016

    A child crouched on the aside of a stream

  • core sample

    Core Sample If I still knew all I’ve known I’d no a lot more. Or maybe yes. Had past lessons earned remained learned a corner I’d have turned. Or at least have a better guess. I plot and plow to get through now honoring Tao. And all with which I’m blessed. But red is not […]

  • sleep wake wake sleep

    sleepwake Status Report 187 It’s good to have a porpoise in life helps in having a whale of a time unless you winnow your minnows. Sometimes dark takes the mind getting through gets heavy gets hard, gets weary just logical stuff happens no happen, no stuff it goes in cycles that’s why there’s sleep and […]

  • the wheel run around

      lifestack Status Report 55 You go you go you go you go you keep on going living your life slightly off balance tilted forward you keep stepping to stop falling and you step you step you step you step until long way tomorrow is far yesterday so you go you keep on going you […]

  • Lady Poem – July 10, 2015

    Men as beautiful as women / Flash of slowly earring, hair straight as / train rail, reality of an individual’s hand

  • Ready – Lady Poem 6/11/2015

    Whim steps to garden path

  • Lady Poem – June 4, 2015

    A kneeling person / in a sunken cathedral / haloed by the universe’s concern


    I am seeing the ancestors / of part of an agrarian past / holding baskets of now / heirloom produce–

  • Gracias

    Roses spilling blooming fountains / blossoming from hand, ribbons dangling down