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  • for MandyCat 2002-16

    Mandy Death by Credit Card Her body old, her weight gone, frame down to bone and fur her love for us still bright, she was done, had had it, cancer, pain. She rubbed unsteady against my ankles, looked up and howled piteously for release. I felt shame because I hadn’t loved her enough to kill […]

  • Uuuuuummmmmmm

    MandyCat, 14 years old, is in the early stages of kidney failure. Doc sez she’ll be around for a year minimum, logically longer. Strange how ties bind. When we left the country in 2006 for three years in other lands, we had to giove Lady’s cat 3po to her brothers because he was not up […]

  • Lady Poems 5/10 & 5/11/2016

    5/10 Walking out to the living room in the early a.m. murk, the cat’s dark shadow swimming at my feet as noticeable as a fish coming into view in the shallows of a pond. 5/11 MLK Late winter shadows spindle twist and ripple – trunks whip through sunlight in the dash of our car Come […]