Menu Order for Reality: Dec. 15, 2011

Hi God/Goddess/Universe/Whatever-You-Are,

With utmost respect, I’d like the freedom to talk with You today as though You are expecting me to order from a menu–I pray that this is OK.

I am really glad that some troops are returning back home to the United States. In a way, they are being “detained” back home. What I would like to see is for all of these troops to be integrated into the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as laborers. The first project I want to see them build is high speed, affordable rail such that people from everywhere in the United States can easily get around to see their families who might be living in other states without having to use airplanes, cars and buses. I would like to see the system work such that it is coordinated with local rail systems much like those I have seen in Europe, but of course, again, a lot less expensive to use.

I’d like for all the troops and all the military contractors to also return home and be integrated into similar projects such that rather than having oppressive employment, these people are employed in ways that do not oppress.

I’d like for all those who have been needing work who happen to be in the United States to be able to easily obtain work that is very high paying. One particular large project I have in mind is converting the monoculture crop swaths to organic farms with varieties of crops–this helps feed bees better. I’d also like to see a highly-paid beekeeper on every farm.

I want the subsidies for corn and soy to be diverted to all organic produce such that people can afford to buy the produce, and I want to see a lot of tasty vegetarian recipes that are easy to prepare.

I’d like to see a sliding scale for healthy food such that people who need food stamps receive food stamps to the extent that the food stamps are needed by these people. But I’d like for us to also think about the obesity and population problem and for us to use our foods mindfully so that we are not consuming too much of the Earth’s resources.

I’d like for people to limit their consumption of other animals by at least half, if not more. I prefer that homo sapiens become vegetarians because it is more ethical and kind to be a vegetarian, but I understand that our cultures have tended to foster acceptance of eating other animals so of course I understand the eating of other animals.