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  • Friday Night

    A delirium of talk from my head to my heart tight burn hollows of shoulders dog breath, a panicked cat bird in the throat bird in the ear bird in the eyes bird brain Friday night ~ Lady

  • Sun Ra

    Poems by Lady

  • 6-25-2016 Lady Poem

    Learning’s germ for fertilizing eyes and ears, a head a heart, a hand, a pen’s milt on action’s platform, and it goes around again ~ Lady

  • wee Audrey & Aidi and poemz aplenty

    We took the first hour of 4 and manned the SPACES Gallery poetry tent across from the West Side Market yesterday. Folk would walk up, we’d ask their name, a few questions, then write a free poem for them. We wrote 18 in an hour, so we each had 7 minutes max to question, write, […]

  • Black History Month Poems – #28

    I wanted to write a poem a day during black history month because I was initially thinking of my lack of poetic response to the sad incident of Tamir Rice’s death.

  • Black History Month Poems #18

    A coriaceous book spine narrative / given jacktars, romance of masculine flounce, / marking skin with punishment proud tattoo / on roses of muscles, scrimshaw feast / for eyes


    Sometimes it is obvious / what stimuli react to, / comment on


    A conductor / signalling an / orchestra / A potter / making a pot


    I prophecize / blooms / flowers springing open / gentle velvet unfolding / sproinging normal seasons / budding ad infinitum / until the sun’s old age / consumes / this planet


    All the important stuff that happened– / your birth in a toilet bowl as Reality said, / “Get to business, Thurm, swim!”